NEWS Bird credits Bennett and Seibold for getting his mojo back

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    I really rate him, I was actually optimistic when we signed him because he's one of those competitive bastards that will fight for every win and tells the opposition to get fucked. We need more players like that. Obviously last year was really disappointing for everyone but I'm super optimistic about this year. He's easily way better than Kahu in the centres so it's an immediate upgrade to our team if he can stay on the park.
  1. Couldn't agree more. Due to the fact that I've watched so many Cronulla games including his debut my view is based on observation of nearly all his performances. The only thing I can say about last year was he wasn't value for money but that is true of every single long term injured player in the competition. It makes no difference his pay rate, any long term injured player could be described as a dud or bad value for money. Savelio was even worse ! If he is injury free this year people will understand the hype I'm sure. An ultra competitive highly skilled footballer, through and through. WB knew talent and so did Cronulla and the NSW selectors.
  2. This^
    IMO. A genuine footballer is pretty rare these days, Jack Is one!
    I'm not mocking our "new age" pro athletes, I love a lot of them too. IMO though, Jack has these 3 "all important elements" to his game.
    1. A genuine footy brain.
    2. A great skill set.
    3. Mongrel in abundance!
    Yep, his 2018 season was pretty much a shit show. Surprise surprise, he had a busted shoulder & a fucked sternum!
    I for one am prepared to back Jack this year. To back a genuine footballer to give all he's got. So much so that I'll make a prediction...
    Round 4, 2019. Broncos V Chooks. I reckon we'll see Bird swap with the Jet in defense at times. Mitchell has embarrassed The Jet many times. Bird will reverse the trend. We'll beat the chooks off the back of Bird's mongrel brilliance.
    He's that good!
    He's one of us now.
    Spread those maroon and gold wings Birdie!
  3. bronx89

    bronx89 NYC Player

    Completely agree..
    I wonder if Kahu will be shown the door at seasons end if his contract is out??
    We seem to have our back ups covered in Izaia, Staggs, Ghemat Shibby or whatever his name is and that Fijian flyer.
    I like Kahu as a bloke but I just think he deserves a first grade spot at titans hahaha. With us I think he will waste his career due to lack of game time.
  4. I'm pretty sure both Glenn and Kahu won't be re-signed. Glenn in particular has been an amazing clubman and I love the guy but his time is up and he'll have a longer NRL career if he looks elsewhere. Kahu is borderline NRL these days and while I still rate him as a winger I can't see him being re-signed unless it's on less money.
  5. Marty Deutschmann

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    They were both shopped around in the offseason but there were no takers at the price they're on. So we may as well keep them as depth
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  6. If they'll both take a pay cut, I'd happily keep them both.
  7. I really feel for Kahu.
    "So much class" has always been his strong point. He's one of the most likable players in the comp!
    I hope he finds a "Payday" at the Titans, Warriors, Parra or whoever.
    I do feel his time with us is done though:(
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  8. winslow_wong

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    The bird will fly
  9. Marty Deutschmann

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    Well the cowboys are now looking for a fullback
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  10. Mitch06

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    They will bounce between playing TMartin and Hampton all season, just watch.
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  11. Horseheadsup

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    Was thinking same.

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