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  1. Fitzy


    I know this has nothing to do with the Broncos however if the NRL are to take over the sharks where do you think they will move to Brisbane or Perth and why
  2. Yuck. Never mention Sharks with our great city.

  3. broncos4life

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    Yeah this. If the Sharks ever moved to Brisbane I would actually consider getting a season membership just so I could boo them every game. **** that. The NRL should just take them over and fold the franchise.
  4. CaptainHook

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    Good topic idea, @Fitzy@Fitzy

    Hard to tell what's going to happen with the Sharkies.

    First things first - the current NRL administration don't give a shit about expanding the game.

    We are taking a State of Origin game to Perth next year. Not out of any altruism or sense of responsibility in growing the game but because the WA government are paying us a shit load of money to take it there. The SA government is following suit and are hosting a game in Adelaide in 2020.

    I expect others to follow. Maybe even overseas administrations so that's exciting and in a roundabout way it is giving the game more exposure. Within a few years I think at least one Origin will always be played at a neutral venue. Won't the traditionalist be gnashing their teeth then?

    But don't be fooled it's about growing the game. It's the dollars folks.

    Shifting the Sharks north to Brisbane is probably the safest bet.

    I think Brisbane could easily support two teams these days. Queensland is the new home of Rugby League and has been for some time.

    Don't expect the Brisbane Broncos to give them a warm welcome though. They seemed to take the introduction of the South Queensland Crushers years ago as a personal affront. It was one of the inciting incidents that led to the Super League War - which was initially spearheaded by malcontents at the Broncos.

    It's one thing to point to the Crushers and say that is proof the market can't handle two Brisbane teams but much like the Hunter Mariners in Newcastle, they were never going to be given the clear air needed to prove their case.

    If a Sydney team is relocated north, it will be interesting to see how the Broncos take it.

    We have amazing facilities, a world class stadium, massive sponsorship and a huge supporter base. Everything in our corner.

    Would they be threatened by an upstart? Would that be a tacit admission that in the last decade or so we've become bloated and meandering and just want to gorge on all the unearned benefits of a one-team town.

    I'm only speculating of course but they've rarely had to fight for market share and we don't play well with others.

    Or would they even care? Interesting to speculate.
  5. No to a 2nd Brisbane team. Such a dumb idea. Perth.
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  6. Cult3

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    There needs to be 4 Sydney teams. North, South, east and west. A 2nd Brisbane team would be fine but they need to go elsewhere first. Merge the teams or start them as completely seperate entities. Whoever wants to survive can move to Perth. This was just a random list I made the other day. Also I’d get rid of Newcastle because **** the Knights

    1 Brisbane broncos
    2 Gold Coast Titans
    3 North Queensland cowboys
    4 Auckland warriors
    5 Melbourne Storm
    6 Easts Roosters
    7 Ipswich Jets
    8 West Australia Sharks (Cronulla)
    9 Wellington Orcas
    10 South Sydney Rabbitohs (st George Illawarra)
    11 West Sydney Tigers (Canterbury bulldogs Penrith Panthers tigers)
    12 Central Coast bears
    13 Northern Eagles (manly sea eagles parramatta eels)
    14 Central Queensland Bulls
    15 Newcastle Knights
    16 Canberra Raiders
  7. CaptainHook

    CaptainHook NRL Player

    I like your thinking Cult.

    Two New Zealand teams is interesting.

    Lack of a suitable stadium would halt any plans for a CQ team. Browne Park doesn't have the capacity. Would be awesome to see though.

    Promoting the Ipswich Jets is a great idea. I've thought the same thing.

    I'd hang onto the Knights. One team town with a fanatical supporter base. Makes no sense to ditch them.

    Completely forgot about the Central Coast. A great stadium sitting there collecting dust. I wonder if the Sharks would be willing to relocate there.
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  8. Brisbane can support another NRL side at the present time I have no doubt but if you were going to go down that path I would either look at introducing a new team into the competition or relocating the Gold Coast Titans and renaming them to something like South Queensland Titans.

    I would however be against relocating a Sydney team to Brisbane because your introducing a situation where your asking the local Queensland community who are known for their hatred towards anything south of the border to suddenly adopt a NSW team from Sydney to be representative of Brisbane and Queensland in general. The challenge of relocation in that sense becomes even more uphill and difficult then that of somewhere like Perth that is screaming for a Rugby League team and far more likely to successfully adopt a former interstate team as their own.

    The South Queensland Crushers faced a huge uphill challenge from the start facing stiff competition for talent with the introduction of another 3 expansion sides in a competition that was already facing issues of player talent depth between the 16 existing other teams, Gold Coast teams have found it hard to bring in crowds, sponsorship deals etc without the results fans will expect, it was no different to what the Crushers would find out, that simply being in Brisbane doesn't mean your on easy street. Hell the Broncos faced their own uphill battle getting rugby league fans who saw their introduction as the death of the Brisbane competition on board.

    As for the Broncos and the difficult relationship and challenges the Crushers would face despite those who despise the Broncos would like to make it out to be it wasn't all one sided and the partly QRL owned Crushers certainly didn't help the situation, dragging the Broncos into salary cap disputes in 1994 with the ARL/NSWRL administration prior to your introduction isn't exactly setting you up for an early good working relationship with a local rival powerhouse club.

    The Broncos desire to move to QE2 Stadium also wasn't restricted to their ongoing sponsorship battles or crowd capacity, there were also concerns over plans that the state government and lang park trust had a 14 million revamp of lang park and the Broncos were going to be expected to pay considerable more(they were already paying the highest rental fees in the competition) to remain there to help pay for it while the Crushers were going to be offered free rental agreement for a considerable period by the Lang Park Trust. This is somewhat backed up by then QRL CEO(and the QRL had a considerable fianancial interest in the Crushers) Ross Livermore who was absolutely against the Broncos move and doing his best to demand the ARL deny the Broncos move to QE2 stadium and the ARL even replied to Livermore stating he had conflicting interests there.
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  9. Cult3

    Cult3 State of Origin Captain

    A CQ team would definitely struggle to secure any good signings unless they had a significant cap increase but there's a lot of talent from the region. I think they'd struggle to be competitive for a few years, similar to the Cowboys.

    Promoting Ipswich would be the easiest option as they have a fan base already. They are in the right area for expansion as well. I don't think relocating a Sydney team would be that bad an idea as there's always plenty of away fans at our games.

    And yeah getting rid of the Knights was a joke. I was just thinking with my little head
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  10. Maddy1to9

    Maddy1to9 NYC Player

    Sharks can piss off to WA. No freakin way them cheaters get to claim Suncorp as their home ground. No way!
  11. Foordy


    **** relocating the Sharks ... The NRL shouldn't bail them out of the financial mess of the Sharks own making ...


    and if they die, the licence should immediately given to Perth to ensure that the contractually mandated 8 games a round is upheld. relocation of the Sharks would probably mean their baggage comes with them, and the new team doesn't need to be saddled with that

    if the NRL are intent on keeping the game on the east coast, then a second Brisbane team (or Ipswich) should get the licence ... while Brisbane can handle 2 teams that should be the maximum for the city otherwise they will do what they have done to the Sydney market
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  12. People calling for another Brisbane team are crazy. They should move towards a 1 city team setup over the next few decades, so Brisbane for me is out.
  13. Foordy


    they are calling for it for one reason ... the fantasy that this new team will take us down
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  14. There are people in this thread calling for it, so I doubt that's the case here.
  15. Cult3

    Cult3 State of Origin Captain

    Only after they expand elsewhere first should it ever be an option. I’d prefer they didn’t but Ipswich probably deserves a go eventually
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  16. Why do they? It's a shit hole with no future beyond what they already have. They haven't done anything to deserve a team except say they want one.
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  17. Cult3

    Cult3 State of Origin Captain

    They’ve supplied more players to the comp than the Roosters and the Storm put together.
  18. So what?
  19. JAHHW

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    Might be best to buy a handful of season tickets and not use any of them.

    The Sharks are pretty accustomed to playing in empty stadiums.
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    The Crushers were corrupt from birth. Started with a lie, supported by liars and given favourable rulings and unfair advantage and still were mismanaged and poor performers. The Bronco's didn't give them a hand but didn't hinder them either. The Crushers had every opportunity to flourish, more than a fair go in fact. The city can support more than one team but that team's standard has to at least match the Bronco's or they will fail.

    The Crushers leaders thought they only had to create a team and the point that they were different from the Bronco's, an alternative wasn't ever going to be enough to ensure success.

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