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  1. Morkel


    A second Melbourne team would be great. The Storm have completely revamped the League landscape down there, there are junior pathways all over the state, and as the recent reports have proven, there are ample 3rd party opportunities for top players.

    How about the Melbourne Moochers?
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  2. I bleed Maroon

    I bleed Maroon State of Origin Rep

    Moving the Sharks to Brisbane is exactly the sort of brain dead, self destructive move that I would expect to see from this administration, which is why nobody should rule it out as fantasy.

    Yes, blow the golden opportunity to fully take advantage of the Brisbane market by moving the morally and financially bankrupt club that Paul **** Gallen has captained for years to QLD's capital city. That would be one way to bring those League fans in Brisbane disaffected by the BRL saga and SL War back into the Broncos fold.

    At least in Perth, there is a bit more distance between the Sharks and their disastrous past in terms of public perception. Personally I'd be boarding the place up and putting it to torch, but if the Sharks brand absolutely must survive, Perth is its best chance.
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  3. Morkel


    TBF, if the Sharks were moved elsewhere, I reckon the playing roster would be completely rebuilt anyway. Not deliberately, but out of current players wanting to remain in Sydney, other players wanting to play in the future location, and some being lured as the "new" club's marquee signings. I am 100% certain Gallen would retire.

    The best thing to do long-term would be to dissolve the Sharks and create the new franchise from scratch anyway. But I agree with @I bleed Maroon@I bleed Maroon , the current admin are equal parts inept and corrupt, there will be enough dinosaurs making sure the Sharks still exist, and the handling is done poorly.
  4. Marty Deutschmann

    Marty Deutschmann NRL Player

    Can't decide which elseworld is more fascinating to witness..

    Paul Gallen playing for a QLD club


    What would happen to Buzz Rothfield when his beloved reefers were shipped out west
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  5. The first is vomit inducing. The second I'd pay to witness!
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  6. Sharks won't fold or move. They'll survive and are in fact way better off than at least three other clubs down there. I think it's highly unlikely in the foreseeable future.
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    For the short term future (ie approx 5 years) the Sharks = Paul Gallen

    You won't separate this in the hearts and minds of rusted on fans

    For that reason alone, the Sharks won't work in QLD as no QLDer can tolerate Gallen

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