NEWS Broncos adapting to ‘intense’ Seibold training sessions.

Discussion in 'Brisbane Broncos Talk' started by Gaz, Jan 8, 2019.

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    Yet another thing I beat Porthoz at.
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    If you have a problem with me, you should announce on this public forum you are going to send me a PM, and then send me a PM and explain it to me:applaudit:. In the interests of efficiency.

    Fair comment. I just feel there are some problems with the squad that will probably take a year or two to sort out.
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    I like Nikorima too. One of the most exciting players the NRL has had in years.

    Terrific point. I forget which playmaker who said it but game plans need to be simple and straight forward as it is hard to think clearly under fatigue.

    Something to keep in mind with all these 'structures' and 'set plays' we're bringing in...

    Full credit to Seibs though. What a cushy deal he's secured for himself.

    I think the chances of him seeing out the full 5 years are remote... but I think that's more to do with the cutthroat nature of the NRL rather than any character flaw or lack of ability on his part.

    Also, that weird logic problem of being a coach. You can't sack 30 players and management aren't going to sack themselves so it's the coach who cops it.
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    Credit to you @Huge@Huge, I had a gigantic laugh and made everyone in the joint look at me like I'm from another planet.
  4. I left some crumbs. You're welcome!
  5. Was that because you were laughing?
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  6. We can't all be as handsome as you, sweetheart. :besos:
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    Is there a possibility Seibold will play Milf 7 knik 6?
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    How do you become staff ? You have a fair few posts
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    I have it on good authority that I am to be promoted to a staff member when the next opening becomes available. Not my choice. I'm merely willing to fulfill my duty and @lynx000@lynx000 is demanding I be the one so if anything happens to @Porthoz@Porthoz, don't blame me.
  10. You'll always be the most handsome Dutch man I know.
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    I remember when Teo left and he talked about how intense the tackling sessions were at souths, like it was almost a different game, and they won the comp that year.

    It is a good thing broncs players are saying training is intense this year

    Conversely, I'm not seeing any articles saying training under WB is intense, or innovative etc this year.

    Carry on, Seibs.
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  12. Another poor attempt at baiting Reyter. You really need to lift your game even though that is probably beyond you.
  13. Is he the only Dutchman you know?
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    Seibold had nothing to do with the Rabbitohs when they won the comp that year.

    He was an assistant coach for the Melbourne Storm from 2013-15.

    But I get your point.
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    Ahhh, how did this happen?

    You quoted a comment that hadn’t been posted yet...

    Matrix? Inception? Miracle?


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    Worth a punt for sure and the premiership odds should come in a tad with two early wins...I genuinely believe we can beat the storm in round one. We won’t start and Finish like we did against the dragons next season. Im guilty of buying into media off season crap but we’ll have a hard edge next year
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    Maybe he has his own Infinity Gauntlet!
  18. I will release a statement in due course. I can comment no further.
    Staff can see deleted posts :P

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