NEWS Broncos adapting to ‘intense’ Seibold training sessions.


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Figured it must have been posted, deleted and re-posted (the formatting gives it away), but that didn’t sound as cool when I was typing it. So I just went with the spooky angle.

Freaky Friday ruined :crybaby2::jump1:

Exactly. I quoted the original post, which was then deleted and re-posted to include my original comment as the quote. I was going to edit it, but I thought I'd leave it like that to further enhance my mystery.


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How do I become staff? Go back in time 8 years and not be a **** to people for most of that time.
When l first started reading here you were engaging in discussions with AP, which spiraled into a vortex to the dark side of the force. There is no point trying with some ppl they frustrate you into losing your mind with absolute absurdity and complete lack of logic.


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Worth a punt for sure and the premiership odds should come in a tad with two early wins...I genuinely believe we can beat the storm in round one. We won’t start and Finish like we did against the dragons next season. Im guilty of buying into media off season crap but we’ll have a hard edge next year
I had a couple of small bets on the Bronco's, just for fun like.Screenshot_20190112-085923.jpg

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