OFFICIAL Broncos caught outside bubble


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Brisbane Broncos Club Statement

Three Broncos staff members will undergo COVID-19 testing after attending a private function in Brisbane.

The Club became aware of the matter today involving football staff Allan Langer, Ryan Whitley and Blake Duncan, and contacted the NRL immediately.

As a precaution, those staff have been placed on “COVID Holds”, and will undergo testing before returning to the Project Apollo bubble.

To adhere to best practice, the staff members won’t travel for tonight’s game in Sydney against the Rabbitohs.

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Statement on the Broncos website saying Alfie and two others have been stood down. The NRL 200 million dollar show is hanging ever so precariously guys.


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Why are Alfie et al not able to go to Sydney then?

because they went to an event with people from outside the bubble ...

if they went to lunch at a cafe/restaurant with only people from within the Broncos bubble, they would in Sydney right now.

QLD based teams can go out to eat, play golf, go to the shops if they want to, as long as they are only accompanied by people inside their clubs bubble.

NSW based teams CAN NOT.
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