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Discussion in 'The Rumour Mill' started by raveenkari, Jan 3, 2017.

  1. Foordy


    I generally don't take what players say to the media too seriously, but this quote concerned me ...

    I'm hoping he didn't mean it as it sounds ... because it sounds like he didn't perform too well and that was fine with him ... WTF.
  2. Sproj


    He should be offloaded mid-season if possible, offers almost nothing now sadly.
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  3. Renegade

    Renegade NRL Captain

    I don't think we'd lose too much if Sims left, and it'd give us room for one of our emerging forwards to jag a bench spot.
  4. Stix

    Stix NRL Player

    Lesson Ah Mau??
    NRL rumours Facebook page saying Broncos are trying to sign him for 2019.
    If this is true Sims is gone and probably Taga.
  5. PerthBrissy987

    PerthBrissy987 NRL Player

    Sims can go , offers nothing
    Time for young blood
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  6. Sproj


    Was Leeson Ah Mau ever with the Broncs before?
  7. Stix

    Stix NRL Player

    Cows I think?
  8. Socnorb


    We had an ah mau at some stage.
  9. theshed

    theshed NRL Player

    I think if you read the next part of that quote you’ll realise what he was actually trying to say which is that he didn’t play well enough to lock down the starting spot and that at the moment the club feels his position is on the bench. Doing what’s best for the team, even if it means he has to come off the bench is what he is fine with.
  10. Leeson is 28, he is not that young. I don’t doubt he is looking for a substantial contract at this point in his career...

    And this rumour was on the Fox sports website yesterday as a whisper only...
  11. Would we be interested in Jackson Hastings?

    He is being shopped around. Maybe an attitude adjustment is all he needs? Though if he doesn’t get along with Manly players, maybe he is alright afterall?

  12. theshed

    theshed NRL Player

    Got flicked from the roosters because all the players hated him too...actually you might be on to something
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  13. Isaak Ah Mau. Leeson's brother.
  14. I'm not sure why you would read much into that when in the very next line and pretty much the entire article he speaks about giving his very best.
  15. Thelmus


    I suspect that comment was about getting past your previous shortcomings and not dwelling on errors of the past. At least that's how I interpreted that. I doubt he would have meant it any other. He's been a professional NRL player for a little while now and even if they don't feel the positive attitude, they usually go through the motions of saying things that project a positive attitude.
    The ones that don't, never see first grade or fleetingly at best.
    Remember we live in an age where the media can take the slightest sniff of something and build a story around it. 1 or 2 of those during your career and you don't have one. Bennet had 1 line that became a public feud. He can do it as he is coach, but look how quickly that built into "pressure on the coach".
  16. scgg

    scgg BRL Player

    Jackson and jayden used to live together in sydney - no coincidence both are on the scrap heap.
  17. Are we about to gain one Corey and lose another?

    This rumour from Nick Tedeschi.......

    "Corey Norman is expected to sign with the Broncos for the 2019 season....... Corey Oates is on the verge of signing with South Sydney."

    I love his weekly blog, but not sure on the accuracy of his intel
  18. roo-ted

    roo-ted NRL Player

    I'm not sure if we come out on top with that player would give us a solid kicking game
  19. JAHHW

    JAHHW QCup Player

    I’m sure we don’t.
    One has a terrible attitude but has the skills to put together a good game when he wants to.
    The other tries his guts out every time, has a great combination of skills and physical attributes with the only thing letting him down occasionally being his hands.
    I’d take Norman for the right price (read as cheap - but really don’t think we need him) but never at the expense of Oates.
    Nor any of the upcoming halves we’ve got either for that matter - proven or not.
    Probably unpopular opinion, but I would take Norman back in a heart beat to be completely honest. I rate him similarly to Hunt overall, and we could probably get him at 50% of the price.

    Better short kicking game for sure.

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