Broncos Player Movements and Rumours 2019

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  1. Battler

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    Lol at the meltdowns in the comments. I wonder how many are Souths fans mad that Bennett didn't bring any one of Lodge, Oates, or TPJ (they were all expecting at least one, some were gloating that they'd get all three)?
  2. ivanhungryjak

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    And that’s the trifecta
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  3. Based on that I would say TPJ is playing prop next season.
  4. ivanhungryjak

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  5. I bleed Maroon

    I bleed Maroon State of Origin Rep

    Apparently we've poached a kid named Izaia Perese from the Reds
  6. Alec

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    Was he the one we were chasing earlier in the year? The really talented one apparently?
  7. pagey

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    Pretty sure it is
  8. Allo

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    From the SMH

    Then there’s just more about Yawnion
  9. JAHHW

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    Whoa, whoa; pump the brakes union journalist.

    Just because he’s a fringe first grader in union, does not mean “an NRL debut is a near certainty in the not too distant future”. Particularly at the Broncos.

    The other way around, yeh sure. But history will show many more have failed trying to come across to league from union than the other way around.

    I hope he “kills it” like the box head Wallabies coach says he will, but time will tell.
  10. Genuinely optimistic about the signing. I don't watch a ton of Rah Rah, but caught a few games of Perese's and was impressed with his foot-work and his ability to create chances in tight quarters.

    It's bit of a homecoming as well for Perese. He actually played Rugby League for Norths in his junior days, so he isn't starting from scratch in this sport. It was one of the reasons why I kept an eye on him, I like to give my rah rah mates stick for all the League converts (Timu being the new go-to guy).
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  12. Bongo

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    Reminds me a bit of Willie Tonga.
  13. Lockysillegitimatechild

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    He wont be able to brush off tackles like a few of them unless nikorima swaps teams.

    Deadset they are state teams?! Lol they looked like under 20’s defensively. However , he looks pretty good. Wonder if he will be ahead of farnsworth and kahu as the backup winger? Also, wonder if this is an indication we will be letting kahu go? Has anyone heard any whispers?
  14. 1910

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    Under 16 Origin too in 2013.

    He's coming off an ACL so he will take time, Redcliffe are pretty shrewd good replacement for Pearson.
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  15. Cult3

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    Why not Maranta?
  16. What?
  17. I don't watch enough games, so I've never seen him play. Rest assured the moment the Muffin Man does something useful I'll be quick to remind all of them he's one of my guys.
  18. Wolfie

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    Well we did have Ponga at one point.
  19. Wolfie

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    The only thing I heard was he was made an offer from the Titans, which they pulled when Kelly became available and they signed him.

    Seibold has confirmed we've signed Perese, also says there's 1-2 more gaps to fill before the season starts.
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