Broncos Player Movements and Rumours 2019

Discussion in 'The Rumour Mill' started by PerthBrissy987, Sep 9, 2018.

  1. Sirlee oldman

    Sirlee oldman QCup Player

    I really wish we had a reserve grade team. It would be well worth getting to games early to watch them play. We would actually get value for money.
  2. Morkel


    Ooh, tell me more about this Seibs. Does he offer custom options for the afterlife?
  3. Not a bad signing, especially if he can work on his defence. Positionally Kennar is a right-side player which can come in handy in case Isaako suffers a sophmore slump. Scored 7 tries from 8 games under Seibold so he has a strong strike rate and he's a relatively strong runner of the football, averaging a 100m per game.

    Kennar's defence is definitely concerning. Last season teams were able to expose his positioning with ease, especially the Broncos who exposed him so badly, Seibold eventually had to bring out the hook and give Hiroti his debut. I'm under the impression his positional play isn't great either, so he'll have to tighten his game if he wants to find a spot in the team.
  4. 1910

    1910 State of Origin Rep

    Seibs worked with him at Melbourne so thinks he can fire him up again. I always found him an explosive runner and ball carrier but pretty lax on anticipation and awareness.

    2014 ISC GF Pride just destroyed him, Leary ran at him and he just had no clue, short sides the Pride would come back to him and he's just standing their flat footed.

    JD just worked him over!
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  5. Jedhead

    Jedhead QCup Player

    Checking out a video relating to his signing I noticed Siebs mention the possibility that Haas could be our lock this coming season. He certainly has the motor, question is he robust enough to last a whole season as a rookie?
  6. Wolfie

    Wolfie State of Origin Rep

    If we want a lock to do the same sort of job as JT2, then he could be a good option if we give him time to develop.
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  7. Marty Deutschmann

    Marty Deutschmann NRL Player

    Link to video?
  8. Jedhead

    Jedhead QCup Player

    Sorry Marty the vid was in another post on here somewhere can't seem to find it.
  9. Alec

    Alec International Rep

    I still think the closest thing to JT2 for us is TPJ(1). JT2 takes a lot of those middle runs in his own half, and even partially into the opposition half, but can also make his way onto the edge sometimes when inside the opposition 30 or so. If we can get TPJ doing something similar, best case scenario is he can create Parker-like 2nd phase play in the middle, and hit edges like he did in 2018 too.
  10. Gaz

    Gaz QCup Player

    Looks like a great number 10 to me.
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  11. Renegade

    Renegade NRL Captain

    is that video supposed to be a tongue in cheek parody or?
  12. Alec

    Alec International Rep

    I think it was probably legit. I think a perfect parody video would be something like Linkin Park - In The End, a lot of fade outs, a few seconds of black and white, slow motion, maybe even 4 screens at once etc.
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  13. Renegade

    Renegade NRL Captain

    well it would certainly represent the amount of game time he's had at top level.

    beating up on kids and u20's origin is not exactly remember the name territory
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  14. Gaz

    Gaz QCup Player

    It’s my point. He has been playing prop since he was a kid and still is ( a kid - turns 20 next month ) so why would we try and turn him into a lock when it seems to me we have that position well and truely covered. All teams are on the lookout for big bodied humans who can play prop and we have one in him. But hey, I'm happy for him to play anywhere as long as it’s with us. He won’t let us down.
  15. Sproj


    He had a rat's tail? Goodness me.
  16. Jedhead

    Jedhead QCup Player

    He might have had a rat's tail, but he sure got a mallee bull's shoulders. 3 or4 years time he's gonna be slaying them in the aisles. He be the Coal trains' engine.
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  17. Cult3

    Cult3 State of Origin Captain

    James Roberts currently has one
  18. GKDonkey

    GKDonkey NRL Captain

    Really? Why can't he just keep his hair short back and sides
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  19. JAHHW

    JAHHW QCup Player


    I loathe the inevitable period of the season where he sports the mop of hair and looks like a dishevelled gypsy.
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  20. winslow_wong

    winslow_wong State of Origin Captain

    He scores his best tries with that hair.
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