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I have been meaning to do a salary cap evaluation based on our current Top 30 but couldn't be fucked trying to come up with a semi accurate wage for each member based on the wild fluctuations between the various sources.

However I have decided to put together a hypothetical list based on what I think each player should be worth cap wise in the 2020 cap (in my opinion) to get a rough guideline on how hard it is to manage a salary cap and to get a gauge on how we value current players and their current standings in the game.

I have tried to be as impartial as possible and have used various criteria in my thinking. That is why I haven't flat out put Darius and Macca on minimum wage! I have tried to also be semi realistic.

Please note it is hypothetical based on if all current top 30 were to come off contract this season and receive brand new multi year contracts at the end of 2019. These values are what I would offer them today if we had to keep the current top 30 and not go to market.

Broncos Top 30

1. Player – Jack Bird
Market Value – $500,000

2. Player – Darius Boyd
Market Value – $400,000

3. Player – Patrick Carrigan
Market Value – $250,000

4. Player – Troy Dargan
Market Value – $105,000 Minimum Wage

5. Player – Tom Deardon
Market Value – $250,000

6. Player – George Fai
Market Value – $105,000 Minimum Wage

7. Player – Herbie Farnworth
Market Value – $150,000

8. Player – Shaun Fensom
Market Value – $105,000 Minimum Wage

9. Player – David Fifita
Market Value – $650,000

10. Player – Tom Flegler
Market Value – $250,000

11. Player – Matt Gillett
Market Value – $500,000

12. Player – Alex Glenn
Market Value – $400,000

13. Player – Payne Haas
Market Value – $700,000

14. Player – Jamayne Isaako
Market Value – $350,000

15. Player – Richie Kennar
Market Value – $105,000 Minimum Wage

16. Player – Matt Lodge
Market Value – $500,000

17. Player – Patrick Mago
Market Value – $105,000 Minimum Wage

18. Player – Andrew McCullough
Market Value – $350,000

19. Player – Anthony Milford
Market Value – $800,000

20. Player – Corey Oates
Market Value – $500,000

21. Player – Joe Ofahengaue
Market Value – $450,000

22. Player – Sean O’Sullivan
Market Value – $250,000

23. Player – Corey Paix
Market Value – $105,000 Minimum Wage

24. Player – Tevita Pangai Junior
Market Value – $550,000

25. Player – Izaia Perese
Market Value – $105,000 Minimum Wage

26. Player – James Segeyaro
Market Value – $200,000

27. Player – Gehamat Shibisaki
Market Value – $250,000

28. Player – Kotoni Staggs
Market Value – $400,000

29. Player – Sam Tagatese
Market Value – $105,000 Minimum Wage

30. Player – Jake Turpin
Market Value – $300,000

Total - $9,790,000 (Minus $200,000 Veteran & Developed Player Allowance)

New Total = $9,590,000

2020 NRL Salary Cap - $9,800,000 ($210,000 Spare)

Scary to think my hypothetical evaluation would put them almost equal for the 2019 salary cap even though we know Boyd is on almost double the value I put on him, also knowing Bird, Gillett and McCullough are on more than the value I put on them. The flip side is Fifita isn't on a big contract yet, Lodge Turpin and Staggs would be on peanuts this year too so it all evens out.

Goes to show we can get rid of the highly paid under performing players who are past it, we should be able to go to market and sign a big money fullback or half to help steer this team around.

Apparently as a team we are leading tackle breaks by a huge margin and are 5th in PCM's so going forward is not a problem. We just need some experience and some game managers and we are on our way to building a premiership ready side in a couple of years.

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No surprises here; Boyd, McC, Bird, Milf and Gillett's contracts are all money pits while the rest are either at their market value or are well priced for the players they are.

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