Broncos to Las Vegas

I'm guessing it'll be at horrible times for us to watch, what a good initiative. Best case the NFL teams see a bunch of players they like and give them ridiculous offers.

Vlandy's is kidding himself if he thinks Murica will give a ****. They're the most stubborn backwards patriotic country on earth, they're not going to take up NRL in droves because we play a few games there.
This is so dumb.

He honestly thinks they take it up? 😂 **** this guy is a tosser.
Make sure to have one of those banners the players struggle to get through like when we played a SOO match back in 1987 in California to add to the confusion for those who actually turn up.
This is what happened at NRL HQ:
“Hey everyone, we are awesome, let’s plan a boys trip where do you want to go?”
“Vegas BABY!”
“yes, excellent idea. We can get on the punt and catch a girlie show! Hey, if we spin it as an nrl product we won’t have to pay our own way!”
“excellent idea boss, you’re the best”

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