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    I agree, that's how @Morkel@Morkel see's himself ... but the reality is more like this:

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  3. BroncosHQ was down today for approximately 1 hour. A switch in the Sydney Equinox DC failed, and needed to be replaced.
    It has come to out attention that some people are receiving requests from unknown and new members via PM for access to recently shared player videos. We absolutely do not accept people signing up with no intention of being a part of BroncosHQ and contributing in a positive manner to the website.

    If a request of this nature (Brand new user, never posted etc.) comes through, please report the Private Message as if you would a regular post so we can investigate the user, and remove them if required.

    We do not know the legalities of sharing these videos, or information about the people who are in them, or who are filming them. We are not prepared to seek advice on this, and will er on the side of caution. If you are sharing them with other members of the site, we request you be careful, and do not share them with anyone you do not know.

    A reminder that until such time as a reliable source is printed in an official news publication, or from an official Social Media account, no names or videos should be shared.
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