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Discussion in 'Tech Talk' started by Mr Fourex, Sep 4, 2015.

    Man, I want that miracle version of Firefox. It'd make me a born again Christian!
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  1. Not a chance.

    FF57 splits the tabs into multiple processes, you're probably looking at a single FF process.

    It's simply not possible for 65 tabs to be consuming a grand total of 350MB
  2. Not to mention FF57 isn't even 2 weeks old...
    Run time report saying over a month but that seems to be taking into account the previous version.

    I've had Firefox 57 running since it came out, and not a single memory leak issue.

    I'm looking at how much memory Firefox is using as a whole.

    I'm not the only person that isn't experiencing this issue. Have any of you fiddled around with the settings?
  3. Rubbbiiiissshhhh.

    Screenshots or fake.
  4. Please, you're talking to computer nerds here, fiddling with settings is what we do.
    Besides the fact that upgrading to FF57 requires a restart, that configuration would probably bring down NSA's supercomputer in less than a month.
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  5. If it helps the Firefox forums have solutions on how to fix the memory leak issues if you're having any.

    If your firefox is sluggish and unresponsive after a while, then they have solutions that stop that.
  6. Correct, they have many tweaks and solutions to reduce the memory footprint. However, that doesn't fix a bug which causes it to leak, which I assure you, it does do.
  7. My memory percentage says otherwise.

    Previous Firefox versions it would increase and increase and increase because it would use more and more ram. My ram has been at a steady 60% for the past couple of weeks with several programs open such as Photoshop, After Effects, Vegas Pro.
  8. Like @Nashy@Nashy said, screenshot that shit, because me thinks you're either telling porkies, or you have a machine from outer space.
  9. Reluctant to provide proof. Full of something ;-)
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    lmao @ the claim someone had 65 tabs open in a browser for a MONTH and didn't have memory leaks.

    ok mate sure, i'm selling the sydney harbour bridge, interested?
  11. Not just any browser either... Firefox!
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    Honestly, I'd doubt any browser could hold 65 tabs for a month straight of varying content and not have a memory leak.

    Leave Word open for a month straight and see how it performs... lol
  13. It's simply not possible. Notepad would start to go nuts if it had to deal with 65 tabs worth of content.

    FF57 uses about 350MB PER tab on my work computer, no memory leaks whatsoever in 57.
    At home though, I get memory leaks, not bad enough that it crashes and hangs though, it's 100% useable now.

    I have the same addons/settings for both home and work, as it's synced through Firefox account. I don't really care to fix it, the work computer is the more important one to be stable, and it has zero problems, so I'm happy.;
  14. FirefoxRamSS.jpg

    I look at every single thing you can use (windows, third party) to look at how much ram is being used by a program. Every one shows the same.

    Opened up a couple more tabs on YouTube.

    No. Memory. Leaks.
  15. When you've left that for a month, let us know.
  16. Sounds like you need to upgrade your computer.
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    I dont think so.
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    Cheers Nashy,

    I don't know why but I thought I read support had ended for dTa, but I just went to his website and he says a compatible version will be out in a few weeks

    Good news :)
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