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Discussion in 'General Talk' started by Hammerman47, Apr 16, 2018.

  1. Hammerman47

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    I just watched part of channel nines 100% Footy show ... and I coulnt believe that they were discussing whats wrong with the leadership of the NRL and some NSW SMH journalist Neil Breen's (pretty sure it was him) best contribution was to say he had been over to the US
    and his most important story was how the NRL, the Broncos and Matt Lodge had not coughed up any money to pay the guy who Lodge put to sleep 2 years ago at a night club, and how he had made a special journy to speak to them (the 'victims') and they were still sooooo emotionally distressed that no compensation has been forthcoming. 'show us the money'

    Never mind the salary cap fraud, NRL missmanagement, Referees....(dont want to get started on those), wife/girlfreind bashing, team sexual assaults, drug cheats (remeber their golden boy A Johns) and 'apparently' drug use amongst players rampant, the BEST this fkin moron journalist could come up with was 'Shame on the NRL and the Broncos' for not addressing the Lodge issue to his satisfaction.
    No wonder at my ripe old age I still hate those lying, sleezy motherf$%#ing NSW journos and have done since the 70's

    Are we all so politically correct now that we should just accept these rock spiders endemic hatred for Qld and the broncos or do others share my disgust and loathing for these NSW slugs.

    Sorry for the rant but it pisses me off so much I just had to say something. If the Mods want to delete this topic I will understand.
  2. Seriously, you're 71 years old ? We must be a tough breed in Qld, we are desensitized to the incessant bashing.
  3. theshed

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    Wait...who’s a rock spider?
  4. Hammerman47

    Hammerman47 BRL Player

    I thoight I was desensitized Huge.... and havent watched any footy shows till this one this year... I guess seeing nothing has changed got my old blood boiling again and I just reacted badly.. sry ..and theshed.. Ive seen a few of the NRL SMH journos scurry around like rock spiders in a certain paddington pub when visiting my delusional blues supporter m8 in sydney.. maybe a better description would have been 'slithering snakes' who spit their constant poison about all things Queensland.
    Anyway better take a becks and go back to bed.

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