CONGRATULATIONS: Broncos make the top Eight!


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Waiting to win lotto
If Isaako doesn't come in they'd score inside him. The bloke rushes in, yes, but it's a mess inside of him and unlike other wingers when he rushes in he never stops anything.

Big part of the issue is still the right side defence well inside of Isaako on the wing
Hence me saying installing a proper defensive structure, particularly on the right.


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Making the finals with -50 p/d is kind of embarrassing, we don't deserve to be there but that arsey hopeless golden point draw against the Warriors has proven the difference this season.

I guess we're in now and it's good that a bunch of young guys will get to experience finals footballs. I actually think we could potentially beat Parra if they're not on their game.

If Parra turn up ready and pumped though, we're fucked, especially without TPJ.


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North Brisbane
25 points was good for 10th last year.
We can all admit that we've been trash for large swathes of this year, but who would have dreamed that we'd be playing in the finals halfway through the season? Remember that thread about us being spoon contenders? In the immortal words of Clint in Unforgiven (the real Clint) "deserves got nothing to do with it".


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Well done to all at the Broncos. Despite the whole shitfest that was 2019 we still managed to stumble in to the eight. Ask the Tigers, it's always better to finish inside rather than outside the eight. They've suffered for nine years in a row now.

On Saturday night our line-speed was non-existent, we were on our heels or back tracking almost from the first set of six.

If we start the game against Parra and you see our defence aggressively moving up you can rest assured we're going to be a big chance.

Like others on here, I think we need Macca at 7 and Turps starting at 9. Let's face it Seibs needs to do something to throw off Parra's preparation and give us a fighting chance. If he stays as is it's playing into the opposition's plans.

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