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Discussion in 'General Talk' started by Cult3, Dec 26, 2017.

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    My old man got a Google Home Mini for Christmas. We were talking about about how to set it up for about 5 minutes and I opened Facebook and had advertisements for the Google Home Mini. We then intentionally spoke about buying a pool to see if it would come up and it did. I've thought this has happened before but didn't realise how quickly it could occur. Does anyone know how it works and what they are trying to hear?

    What are some of your favourite conspiracy theories? Can jet fuel melt steel beams? Is Kanye West a robot being controlled by the government? Has anyone ever seen a Lizard People?
  2. A great thread....! Now we'll see who the true loonies are

    On the jet fuel steel beams thing, it isn't necessary to melt them , it's only that they need to be heated enough to start losing their inherent strength. That particular crazy claim has been put to bed.
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  3. Earth is flat!

    You'll see evidence when that guy takes off in his rocket to prove it...
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    Not for them... the truth is out there!
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    A 9/11 truther dies and goes to heaven. When he gets there God is waiting at the gates and tells him: Before you enter I will grant you the true answer to any one question you desire. After thinking for a moment the truther excitedly asks "I was right all along, wasn't I? I was right and everyone that called me crazy was wrong. Bush attacked his own country, he did 9/11 didn't he?"

    God gives a little chuckle and says "No my son, 9/11 was commited by Islamic terrorists that hate the West"

    The truther stands there for a second with a blank look on his face before turning around and muttering to himself " Shit, even God's in on it"
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    I love Flat Earthers. They're so adamant about it and they're so wrong
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    Yet they believe Mars is round lol
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    This is my absolute favourite flat earth video
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    My favourite video that proves truthers are retarded. The man conducting the experiment to prove it must have been a controlled demolition, Richard Gage, is one of the truth movement's most respected leaders.

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  10. But if the earth isn't flat then why doesn't the water in Antarctica just empty into space?

    Why don't we fall off the earth?

    That is actually a question I've come across on Facebook. I deleted that person instantly.
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    I've had almost the exact same experience. I have no doubt that there is an algorithm designed to pick up key words and (at least) use that information for targeted advertising. Though if it exists for commercial reasons than it is not a far stretch of the imagination that it could be used for more nefarious reasons.
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