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Never said that, did I? I'm not discussing the moon landing hoax and the astronots for a week. I suggest you use the time to reload with some more completely irrelevant theories about single points of light and shadows and some more pictures of very nice looking radio telescopes which are meant to prove something though not idea what.
You said this. Yesterday:

Anyway, Morkel Morkel, I'm not being drawn into this conversation for a week! I'm tired of it.
Did you mean like a "moon" week?
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There you go again. Another emotional outburst! Tom Tom asked me an idiotic question about flat earth or something like that. I warned him not to ask me idiotic questions but he pushed on so insofar as this topic, he is merely trolling and I don't reply to trolls.

I'm going to revisit this topic next week. I will have a look at the link you provided. I've been meaning to do it but have been busy. In the meantime:
1. Have you watched the video(s)?
2. Be so kind as to provide a link to a the phantom information which has "thoroughly debunked the shitty video".
3. Feel free to answer the questions I asked Morkel Morkel but I won't hold my breath while waiting.

If you find it easier and more comforting to rave something about "Russians, Russians, flat earth, NWO", I will understand and forgive you.
I'll wear that as a badge of honour. It's not often trolls decide there's someone they're not going to reply to. Guess I broke him.

Hey @Reyter, who was the woman in Perth that claims to have picked up the transmissions? Also can you link me to where NASA said they are going to aim hubble at the moon?

Y'know a good troll wouldn't just make empty claims like that.
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