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Hey PORTHOZ, make sure on the day that vaccine comes out, you're up nice and early to get yourself a shot of that shiny new vaccine!

I sure would hate for you to miss out, on that lovely special brand new vaccine! I don't think anyone here deserves it more than you! Go on now, clear your schedule, it's time for you to go and get that nice tasty brand new vaccine! :) Normally these things take years and years to develop, but this one might be ready in just a couple months, according to Mr Trump. I just can't wait for you to prove what a dumbo I am and go and get your shot!

Maybe you won't even have a choice, just like in Denmark!

Now lets all pray to GOD they put the same laws in here. I would hate to think of Porthoz missing out on her lovely shiny special brand new, whipped up just in time, vaccine.

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What is it you said again? There was so much rambling about shit that it's hard to make out.
Well, one of the things I said was that the US constitution has been suspended and martial law is incoming. Now, a bunch of people laughed at that, called me crazy, said my sources weren't valid, etc etc etc.





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