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Discussion in 'The Rumour Mill' started by ozzball, Dec 4, 2017.

  1. ozzball

    ozzball NYC Player

  2. No, we shouldn't be interested if it's true.

    Corey Norman's ego and attitude will be a problem.
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  3. Stix

    Stix NRL Player

    I'll be very surprised if Norman is playing for Parra next season from what I've heard. This has been coming for months.
    I've heard rumours he will be forced out. But haven't seen anything to do with the Broncos, which is odd, so it's probably happening.
  4. Have always said I'd happily take him back. His attitude was an issue when he used to play Fullback for us, there's no doubt, that's where he developed the pea heart nickname.

    But he's been nothing but class for Parra for the last 2-3 seasons, and is improving every single year. Big chance of playing origin next year if he takes another step forward.
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  5. Sproj



    1. Hayne
    2. French

    6. Gutherson
    7. Moses

  6. broncsgoat

    broncsgoat NRL Player

    He's never even been to an emerging origin camp so I think he's a fair way down the pecking order for whatever reason.
  7. Rally Towel

    Rally Towel NRL Player

    Probably because he's a massive dickhead. No ticker either. I hope he never comes near the Maroon jersey.
  8. I bleed Maroon

    I bleed Maroon State of Origin Rep

    Nope, nopenopenopenope.

    Frankly he has a worse attitude than Hayne. We've already seen how much he gives a shit about our jersey (very little) so if he crawls back to our doorstep, tell him where to go.
  9. That's an absurd statement.
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  10. winslow_wong

    winslow_wong State of Origin Captain

    Perfect candidate for the Wayne bennett rehabilitation feel good story.
  11. mitch222

    mitch222 State of Origin Rep

    You would think the Titans would out bid us severly if he became available
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  12. Battler

    Battler NRL Captain

    Yeah if he's cheapish and Wayne wants him and thinks he can work with him then sure. He was in pretty hot form before Moses joined the club and plays better as the dominate half which suits Milf's game.
  13. Brent81

    Brent81 NRL Player


    He's actually developed into a good player.

    I suspect he's closer to origin than we expect.

    I'd still prefer Morgan - hey if we had a huge war chest for Taylor for 2019 we should be able to afford MM.
  14. I think if you're being overlooked for a fullback, then you're not as close as you think.

    I don't think Norman was even close to being selected this year. I'm not sure why that would change next year.

    There are rumours about his attitude that the senior players don't like.
  15. What Fullback was he overlooked for? I assume you're referring to Munster, who played the entire season in the Halves for Melbourne and was picked primarily for his combination with Cronk & Smith.

    Here's a quote from Walters this year after Thurston was ruled out -

  16. And Wayne has never made a secret of how much he rates him...

    He would help with our kicking game for sure, but whether he can steer a team around the park is a toughie...
  17. Not really the thread for it, but if we're picking the Origin team tomorrow for whatever reason, this is probably the 17 I'm going with -

    1. Slater
    2. Holmes
    3. Inglis
    4. Chambers
    5. Gagai
    6. Norman
    7. Morgan
    8. Scott
    9. Smith (c)
    10. Napa
    11. Cooper
    12. Gillett
    13. McGuire

    14. Munster
    15. Hess
    16. Papalii
    17. Wallace
  18. BroncsFan

    BroncsFan NRL Player

    He was actually steering the team around quite well before Moses got there and they switched up the roles. He'd be a very good foil for milf
  19. Cult3

    Cult3 State of Origin Captain

    We used to have a backline filled with fullbacks. This team has 6 centres

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