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Discussion in 'General Talk' started by mrslong, Oct 2, 2008.

  1. mrslong

    mrslong State of Origin Rep

    So I feel bad bagging stuff all the time and feel the need to vent about stuff that is pretty awesome.

    I'll start with Peewee birds, cos when you see them from far away you think they could be magpies and feel a bit concerned....but when you get up close you realise it's a peewee and that it's not gonna swoop you icon_thumbs_u Credit to Peewee's for not swooping!

    I'd like to also give Crunchie bars credit for tasting so damn good icon_thumbs_u

    Also, the 15yo kid next door, wants to become the hubby's next apprentice in a couple of years so whenever he has a student free day or school holidays he begs the hubby to take him out on site...good to see a kid go out and be prepared to work hard, rather than sit around on his ass all day playing computer games or down the park making mischief icon_thumbs_u
  2. | * kelsey * |

    | * kelsey * | QCup Player

    I'd like to say thank fark it's a public holiday on Monday..

    Oh hang on.. Not for QLD :D
  3. Credit to the clothes chicks at uni wear in summer. It's quite difficult to concentrate sometimes _woohoo_ [icon_lol1.


    But we get to live in QLD, and not NSW, so we still win [icon_razz1
  5. I want to give credit to the cheery 75yr old lady I was talking to today who knits teddy bears for Old Peoples Homes and folk with dementia plus disabled children and brings smiles to their faces. icon_thumbs_u
    What a lovely lady.
    Too many people who do good things go unmentioned and the bad stuff is all we seem to hear about.
  6. mrslong

    mrslong State of Origin Rep

    Indeed, and it's going to be about 32 on Sunday for Grand Final day. BY THE POOL! [icon_drun


    i wanna give credit to me too, for being so goddamn cool
  8. Emma

    Emma NRL Player

    I was busy laughing about the fact that we get a public holiday and you guys don't, but you make a very salient point QLD'er. [eusa_doh
  9. Plus it's not like you are getting an extra public holiday - we had it earlier in the year
  10. Lol good call....

    I find it quite sad/disturbing that I can't even think of anything random to give credit to right now...
  11. Emma

    Emma NRL Player

    I would like to give credit to my team leader who has finally managed to shut all the boys in the office up! All I've heard all day is talk of protein shakes, heart rate monitors, what someone did with their personal trainer, how long someone ran or swam for yesterday, did I mention protein shakes??!! Too much testosterone in this office and thank god for my gay team leader for getting them to shut the hell up and do some work!
  12. Hamm.0

    Hamm.0 NRL Captain

    Credit to Melbourne Storm; 3 GF's in a row is a great effort.
  13. Shut up Hammo. [icon_thumbs_do [icon_razz1

    Credit to tacos. Bringing BHQ together since the End of the world thread spiralled out of control. :D
  14. Bucking Beads

    Bucking Beads International Captain

    Credit to having Fridays off how sweet this long weekend will be!!
  15. Emma

    Emma NRL Player

    Amen to that Beads. Though that means I have a 4 day weekend! icon_thumbs_u
  16. Yes Credit to the boss for giving me tomorrow off to head away camping for 3 days
  17. Credit to all things frozen for being so damn good on a hot day.
  18. Credit to the AWESOME chocolate milkshake I had a lunch today.
  19. Credit to the deep frier I am about to cook lots of non fat free food in...... I BOW TO THEE.
  20. Hamm.0

    Hamm.0 NRL Captain

    ZOMG! Foxtel and deep fry!! [icon_ee

    The combinations are endless....chiko rolls, dim sims, prawn cocktails, chicken balls, mars, I'd put on 20kgs in a week if I had one of them!

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