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    Good money if you don't like much money I suppose. I'm guessing that's super early gen, and 4GB is piss, which would indicate she's probably a bit older. GOod luck on the sale, I'd throw it out too probably.
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  1. Could also find that one of the ram slots on the MB is cactus or that one of the chips on the GPU is dodgy and shits itself every now and then......both issues that I've faced in the past. I'd be running very, very thorough tests before selling any of it. Best part of it all is that CPU, I currently run one older with little issue although it's starting to show it's age. GLWS
  2. 6th gen and still sells for up to $500. Motherboard still sells for up to $300.

    Sold the CPU today to a customer for $320. I’ll have no issue getting a minimum of $250 for the video card and motherboard and that’s my upgrade right there.

    Considering I didn’t pay a cent for them.

    Older parts still sell. They still handle games very well. A lot of people couldn’t care what the part is, as long as it still works and does what they want it to do. Then you take the money from selling those older parts and buy newer parts.
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    Can you point me in the direction of these suckers? The 9th gen sells for $400 brand new.
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  4. Anyone that would pay $500 for that CPU, second hand or new, is being taken advantage of IMO. Even $320 is a stretch AFAIC, considering what you can get for not a whole lot more....brand new. I can't see any logical reason for a person to buy that CPU, at that price.
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  5. You get top shelf GTX960s for $100-$120 pretty easily, no way you'd get even $200 for it, unless you mean $250 including the motherboard.

    Can you sell my CPU for me? I've got an I5-8400

    You using the money to upgrade your own rig?
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    49261A37-6BA1-4B12-A7EB-AF0B19FD1680.jpeg Credit to Nerf guns. New experience for our family and mum’s a sharpshooter.

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    Credit to the flood waters in Townsville coming in an inch under my Broncos jersey. It’s a sign, nothing can stop the Broncs this year babeeeeyyyy! Seriously was one of about 20 items in the whole office that was spared. [​IMG]
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  8. Foordy


    i feel your pain with regards to the floods, i actually had a similar experience during the 2011 Brisbane floods ... one of the only things in my house to survive was my painting of the DON.
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    Credit to you too dude for finding a positive in times of great distress. My family went through the 'Big brown' in Brisbane too with the insurance not paying out. Keep your chin up champ, I'm sure the boys will dig extra deep for all you guys up there this year.
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  10. Urban Extreme at Hendra and their indoor Snowboarding practice setup. I absolutely ate shit a couple of times and falling hurts a heap more than in the snow, but just that 1hr session had me feeling confident again. I'll still most likely grab a lesson or 2 while in Japan, but it's no longer a necessity IMO. 6 days left!!! **** keen!!!
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    My best mate is a freestyle snowboard instructor in Japan. Where exactly are you heading?
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    He can hook you up, in many different ways ;)
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  14. Don't worry about the draft, we know how to get in touch.

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  15. Credit to Father Ted.
  16. Lol, sounds a little advanced for me man. If the hills too steep I heel side down it haha. I'm noob as **** but don't care, it's awesome fun. I can actually ski a lot better than snowboard but the chance of injury on ski's is far greater IMO. Each leg can go a different way...on a snowboard you're kind of locked in. Heading to Hakuba again. Staying here.....

    Everything we saved on going after school holidays (cheaper flights) and staying airbnb in Tokyo has essentially been swallowed up by that place haha. It's not cheap, but we can ski right to the door....sit outside and watch the night skiing while having a drink. Will be **** tits.
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    After a long haitus, I’m booking myself into men’s A-grade basketball. Gonna be a shock, but can’t wait for my partner and boy to see what I’m made of.
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    Made of = custard spinal disks.
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    If too advanced means bongs and loose women, then sure.

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