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  1. Morkel


    No but I plugged it in to see the pretty colours.

    That fucker is heavy too. A result of how the "mechanical" works? Or just weighted so it doesn't slide around as you thrash mercilessly in your death throes?
  2. It's not cheap Chinese shit is why.

    Logitech Gaming Software is what you need to download. That'll allow you to mess around with the colours on the KB and mouse, and the DPI settings on the mouse. @Harry Sack@Harry Sack will discuss with you what the DPI thing is tonight I am advised.
  3. Yeah, we'll have you getting your 3rd kill by the end of the day no doubt.
    KB is RGB right? Fancy.
  4. Yeah I'm pretty certain it is. Logi haven't done single colours for a long time.
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  5. Corsair LL120's next then to complete the wank factor.
  6. Morkel


    I was warned about you Logitech Fanboyz.

    I know DPI, smarty pants. It's a Penrith term. "Dicks per Incident". At the moment they're sitting around the 2.1 DPI average.

    4th slut.

    Oh yeah, you just plug it in and it cycles through this rainbow thing from left to right. My pants got tight. You **** know I'm going to customise it though. Can't leave shit alone.
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    I bet you guys are enjoying this. Morkel the communist, anti-consumerism guy getting giddy at a light-up keyboard.

    You either die a hero, or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain.

    Thankfully I don't have that issue on Apex. Hero all the way.
  8. Did laugh.


    There will be all sorts of different options in the LGS software I think. Corsair has things like rain and visor. You'll **** around with it once and never touch it again IMO. @Nashy@Nashy to confirm
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  9. Nature of mechanical. Essentially every single key has a dedicated physical switch mechanism that is spring actuated at a certain weight force, usually between 45-60g actuation pressure. That's what makes them so far above cheap shit membrane keyboards. Every single key clicks down at the exact same pressure and springs back up at the exact same speed so once you get used to the feel of it, it's 100% consistent. It's actually the basis of how original computer keyboards used to be made until they discovered a cheap crap way to do it so ... Back to the future I guess.

    There is "stealth" mechanical keyboards which have tiny rubber o-rings under each key which absorb the sound, still types and feels great but doesn't have that clickity clack noise to which is what a lot of office workers use... I'd go for the loudest possible though just to annoy everyone.

    Cheapy keyboards all are built like this
    Basically a bunch of rubber domes that kinda just push a part on the circuit board and activate.

    Mechanical keyboards look like this inside



    This was meant to be a long post. I don't apologise for these unlike @Porthoz@Porthoz
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  10. Good thing the fuckers would rather send out a new board than a replacement key worth a couple of bucks.
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  11. Love Logitech. Don't you dare call them fuckers.
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  12. It's mental that they don't have parts in Australia. But, I'll accept their free replacements and upgrades. I started with a G710+, moved to G910 as a replacement, then to an 810 when that dida weird thing, which I'm pretty sure wasn't the KB, but warranty was nearly up and wasn't risking it.

    But when it comes to warranty, other keyboard brands don't stack up.
  13. [​IMG]
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  14. Credit to Woolies for selling Nando's Peri Peri salt and sauce.

    Nando's Peri Peri Mayonnaise was good, but it just wasn't the same as the sauce.
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  15. Sirlee oldman

    Sirlee oldman QCup Player

    A little while ago my youngest daughter found a new not for profit organisation online that aims to support and empower women and basically facilitate networking for professional women. My daughter really liked some of their messages so she wrote a piece and submitted it hoping they would publish it. Instead they asked her if she would like to be a guest speaker at their official launch in Sydney.
    So tonight she stood up (after half a dozen speakers with amazing business/academic/scientific credentials) in front of 150 women at a posh dinner and delivered a speech on what it’s like to be a 13 year old girl today and the importance of the sisterhood sticking together. Apparently she got the biggest cheer of the night and women keep coming up and hugging her.
    I think I’m both proud and terrified.
  16. ningnangnong

    ningnangnong HACK THE PLANET!!!

    That is absolutely boss mate.
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  17. Got Metallica tickets. **** yes.

    Be my third time seeing the absolute legends.
  18. Morkel


    I like this woman. She's balancing a very fine line and has put a massive target on her back, so interesting to see how she goes long term.

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    Being 34+ doesn't make you old though.

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