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Jun 6, 2015
I know the whole league vs. union thing has been overdone, but lets for a second say they were playing the same game (say, League) and every player had been brought up playing league etc.

I've always watched both and I think the last decade I would always have picked League, even throughout All Blacks period of dominance. Players like Thurston would be on par with say, Dan Carter - but League just had more of them. The Queensland backline were all superstars, throw in the likes of 08 Hayne and I don't think a best-of union could have competed.

Even now, based on skill set, I have no doubt the Australian League players would run rings around the Australian Union players (just look at the converts - they're Aus' best players).

However, the current All Black crop is amazing. I honestly think players like Beauden Barrett would reach Thurston level heights if playing - and similarly to how Queensland was a few years back, they have a team of genuine game winners, all at their playing peak.

On top of that, I don't believe League is where it was 5 years ago. The competition is tighter now, but you don't have players like Inglis who you just know is going to absolutely dominate every time he touches the ball.

So for the first time in a long time, I think a current best-of union boys would have the upper hand on the best-of league guys (again, based on skill set)

Does anyone agree/disagree with this? what are thoughts and opinions? do many people on here follow both sports?

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