Dally M Awards

Happy to be proven wrong, but Shaun Johnson is gonna win this, plenty in the media “predicting” he will win, as if they don’t know.
Are they gonna rig this with their 6 pointers to get the chin an award... bloke missed like 4-6 weeks through injury
This is the equivalent to interviewing them at half time as they walk off the park
Why are they interviewing SJ now... surely he ends up winning it
Johnson and Ponga both missed the last round? Johnson being humble.
It will be interesting to see if they interview Kevvie ... I mean they interviewed the losing GF coach
Seriously they're just going to announce team of the year??

Thought they used to spread them throughout the count
Hufanga getting centre of the year
Ali halfback of the year... Destiny getting hooker of the year... bronco ladies cleaning up the team of the year awards

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