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  1. Kaz

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    Bedtime stories

    Souths coach Michael Maguire was told during the preparation for Origin I that Dave Taylor had some real issues. The Queensland camp were aware of the dramas and wanted the Rabbitohs to know.

    Then came the ''fell out of bed'' line about Taylor and his cut head. Queensland officials were happy to peddle the line after the 1am incident but now privately they are ready to 'fess up they don't know what happened.

    Whatever the case, Taylor has lost a lot of support at the Maroons.

    There is still persistent talk that Sam Thaiday was ironed out in the Melbourne casino after game one. The Blues keep telling me it happened. Queensland management say Thaiday was in the casino but there was no incident.


    The first article is about the Cane toads' fans spray bile at Blues.
  2. Bucking Beads

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    It is all dribble from Mr Weidler. The fact that he is actually employed by channel 9 makes me never want to watch the channel ever again.
  3. ningnangnong

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    Read that this morning... didn't think it was worth mentioning due to the author.
  4. dukey

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    Danny Weidler is Fairfax's Rebecca Wilson. OOOH, BURN, DANNY WEIDLER!
  5. Alec

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    He's the only source of Sports news I ever need, along with ACA for general news/opinions.
  6. Typical Weidler article, can't trust anything that guy says tbh.
  7. Broncoman

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    The verbal abuse against Stewart and Bird are terribely unfair on them. I doubt those fans have meet him so how can they fairly judge if he is a good person or not. I've meet him and can tell you what he realy is like.
  8. Doesn't change the fact that Bird glassed a chick.
  9. I assume by meeting you mean you've hand a hand shake, and said g'day to him. Because if so, you're never going to meet a football player who is a bad person.

    Their public face is absolutely no indication of what sort of person they are.

    Of course, you could be great mates with the scum bag. If that's the case, I am disgusted that your mother would let you hang around a bloke who was convicted of glassing a female. Let me remind you what glassing is.

    It's the act of taking a glass, and using great force to smash it into someone's face. Just imagine that for a second. Now that you've imagined getting smashed in the head by a glass, stop to think what kind of scum bag would inflict such horrible wounds to another person? Now think, he did it to his partner! One person that trusted, and knew him more than anyone.
  10. How do you really know what he's like? I've met many people before but I honestly wouldn't know whether they were murders or model citizens outside of the couple of times I meet them.
  11. Anonymous person

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    i know the whole 'he got off' thing happened, but noone seriously believes he didnt do it. they just couldnt prove it because the person he glassed did a complete 180 and changed her story 100% so he would get off. if he didnt do it, how did she get glassed when its just the 2 of them?
  12. Well quite clearly he was demonstrating his ability to juggle, using glasses, and lost control and in his haste to try and prevent the glasses from dropping he knocked it into her face repeatedly.

    Sounds legit.
  13. anzac7

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    Oh, so you heard Stuart's unveiling of what happened too!
  14. dukey

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    The problem with the Bird banner isn't whether or not he did it. He's been cleared of those charges, so the banner is defamatory.
    I can't see Bird pursuing legal action against the fan that made the sign, as I doubt he would want to shine more light on the case, but if he were to take it to court he'd probably walk away smiling.
  15. Kaz

    Kaz State of Origin Captain

    Seems like Bird's Mum was trying the glassing act, but forgot you have to use glass & throw the glass, not just its contents.
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  16. Being cleared of the charge doesn't mean it didn't happen.

    He can't sue for defamation if it did happen, which would then lead to a perjury charge.

    He's a piece of shit and I wish Tate punched him with some force.

    Another sign I'd like to see is a Tweety Bird style character with a picture of Bird pulling one of those retarded faces he does in a birdcage with the word "jailbird" written on it.
  17. Kaz

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  18. Professor47

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    Weidler and Bird = both drop kicks.
    I'm sure he's a nice guy. She seems to think that too...


    I'm sure he was just trying to stop her from harming herself too!

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