-NEWS- David Fifita - Titans up offer to 1.25M


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Simple answer is they won't (and i doubt the club will either)

the way things are going Seibs will be sacked before he gets a chance to rebuild this squad. He has had one hand tied behind his back with these expensive long term contracts (Boyd, Macca and to a lesser extent Bird and Milford) plus another wasted position in the top 30 (Kahu)

buy the end of the year he will ahve some breathing room and by the end of 2021 he'll have a war chest. perfectly set up for the incoming coach to succeed
The problem is that its another wasted year, if the Coach gets them to fire in back half of this season, and carry's that roll on to 2021, why cut him loose with a massive war chest for someone else to come in and rebuild it is their image? If he fails get rid of him end of season and allow the incoming coach 2 years grace, 2021 to cut deadwood, and 2022 to spend our projected surplus.


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I have heard so many different versions of this story its doing my head in. The local Gold Coast rag has said David Fifita maybe turned off by the Broncos current plight and sign with the Titans, but they acknowledge it's unlikely. Paul Kent wrote a small tibit the Broncos were afraid there current plight would scare Fifita off and he would go to the Titans.

Brent Read pretty much didn't add anything new he did say there was a club that put a offer for 1.2 million a year but the club remains nameless. I'm pretty sure that club was South Sydney and he rejected the offer because he didn't want to move to Sydney in the offseason. But reading Brent Read's article its presume its a new club that has come to the table. Read did add that clubs were bracing for a decision in the next couple of days.

I'm over it, but it's not because of David Fiftia its more the media jumping at shadows. I read someone posted on here suggesting Fifita shouldn't have dragged this out. He hasn't, he doesn't come off contract till the end of the year. Its just the modern the NRL where speculation gets brought up where a player could go with 18 months left on his contract. The old days players didn't sign a contract until after the Grand Final siren.
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I guess the club hasn't learned that signed players and coaches to big dollars based on their 'potential' isn't a winning formula.


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Oh well, I would hate to lose Fifita, but if it happens, it happens.
This club has far deeper issues that need to be cleaned up, and cleaned up quickly.
If he wants out, you can’t blame the bloke.
We know our cap is fucked, if the club is going to finally take a stand on paying players ridiculous money, that may not be a bad option.
We saw the raiders come out and flat out say no to Batemans $ upgrade, we need some decent leadership and someone to stand up and say no, we are not paying ridiculous money to keep all these blokes.
Dont get me wrong, I want Fifita to stay as much as anyone else, but the reality is this club is currently in a shocking position. The only way out is for someone to finally come out with some hard stance leadership.
I do find it odd that we cannot afford Fifita if Boyd is off the books next year and (hopefully) Milford and bird gone in 2021, but again, that just goes to show out of sorts this club currently is.
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Smokin' Joe Smokin' Joe where are we at with Fifita?
You’ve been pretty quiet lately mate, you still around?
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He’s all but gone fellas... I think the club have known for a while which is why he’s gone hard to give game time to Nui and talking Up Dearden as the future.
I can’t blame us for not going near the mill for him. Boyd coroner isn’t even on that sort of dough.
love to know how the best list manager in the game Peter Nolan is still in a job..


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If the club think the media has been bad up to this point, they’re in for a shock if Fifita does sign elsewhere.
This would have to be the final nail in the coffin for Paul White and this board.
There is no way they can continue with how we are currentlyt travelling + lose our most promising talent.


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Personally I'd be furious if we lost fifita given who we've re-signed. I know everyone is on about how badly we've fucked up our cap but fifita is an absolute must.

I guess it's most likely between us and the titans. In the past we've been able to point to our stability and premiership credentials but we dont really have either of them in our favour at present.
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