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    Big chance that Darius & Thurston are both out for game 3. If that ends up being the case, I'd go with -

    1. Slater
    2. Holmes
    3. Munster
    4. Chambers
    5. Gagai
    6. Cherry-Evans
    7. Cronk
    8. Napa
    9. Smith (c)
    10. Wallace
    11. Cooper
    12. Gillett
    13. McGuire

    14. Morgan
    15. Papalii
    16. Hess
    17. Glasby

    Big call on DCE, I know. I just don't think you can have a starting Five-Eighth at Origin level with virtually no kicking game, which rules out Morgan & Munster at this stage of their careers. Ideally I'd have Milford there again, but I doubt he's back by then. Other option is Norman, but it seems like he's down the pecking order after coming back a little slow from injury.
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    I watched a cows game a few weeks back when JT was still out. Morgan had a blinder and his kicking game was not bad. Not idea how he goes consistently in that role though.

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    It won't happen but I would like to see Oates back to replace Holmes.
    Holmes always seems to have an error or two in his game.
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  3. mitch222

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    Play Morgan at centre. Stick munster on the bench. Anything but O'Neill
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  4. mitch222

    mitch222 State of Origin Rep

    Just hand NSW the **** trophy if that's the case. I would rather put Ben Hunt, Cameron Munster, Corey Norman and Micheal Morgan over DCE.
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  5. Thanks for your input, who would you have at 3, 6 & 14 in the hypothetical that Boyd (Confirmed) & Thurston are both out?
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    QLD JANE BRL Player

    Yes problem solved.
  7. Ben Hunt is barely a first grade standard NRL player and you want him starting in a game 3?

    There goes any credibility your opinion has. DCE has been very good this year, nearly back to his best.

    I think Munster & Morgan will be in the team, one in the centres, one as a utility.
  8. See @mitch222@mitch222 reply. I would have all of those ahead of DCE and I'd even throw Ash Taylor in for good measure.

    Munster would probably be my centre in this case, and I'd throw a lifeline to Norman for the 6, leaving Morgan at 14. Ben Hunt would be next, then Ash Taylor and finally DCE, although I would hesitate between him and Sandow...
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  9. Well I disagree with you both and think you're being completely obnoxious. I see a lot of hate on DCE because he played 1 bad game at Origin level, do we just completely discount everything he's done at the NRL level? Because he's done more than every other one of your options combined, and is in better form than all of them currently as well.
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  10. Oh boohoo, we're picking on DCE... :lolwhataloser:
  11. Wolfie

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    The big issue with DCE imo is he is on the nose because of what he did on the Titans. Plus i dont think he is the most popular bloke going around in the QLD camp from what i've heard. If he doesnt fit into the team dynamic, i think he is going to struggle to get a spot for QLD.
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  12. 3 bad games at Origin level. I can forgive him for the first.

    What he does at NRL level matters very little. He has never been able to replicate that in the halves at Origin level.
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  13. Couldn't care less about the bloke, I don't like him that much personally, all I care about is fielding the best team to win this series, I think he's the best natural Half that we've got with JT & Milford out and Taylor being a couple of years away. I'm sure Morgan or Munster would do an adequate job filling the role, but adequate isn't going to win us a decider I don't reckon.

    Hopefully it's all for naught and JT is actually fine.
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  14. mitch222

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    Seriously. I know you have an extreme dislike for the guy, but he would walk on to a majority of teams in the NRL.
    DCE's biggest problem is that he isn't a team player. Its either do thing his way or don't do them at all. He wont be the big dog in the origin team. Not with Smith, Slater & Cronk there. He may be the big dog at Manly but he is **** useless if his forwards aren't going forward and some of the manly performance this year show this. He works well with Foran and Green because they take a backseat to him and only chime in when needed. Partnering him with Cronk is partnering two dominant halves. Cronk is the mastermind of the attack for setting structures up and Thurston plays whats in front of him. Its a strategy that works well.
  15. OK, a serious reply. Outside of the serious dislike I have for the bloke, here are the main reasons I wouldn't pick him:

    - DCE plays on the same side as Cronk, which would make things complicated. (He never partnered Cronk in Origin, he partnered Thurston)
    - As said before by Mitch, he is not a team player and relies heavily (more than most halves) on his forward pack giving him the space he needs.
    - Having Cronk and Smith in the team, we don't require as good a kicking game from our 5/8.

    Now for my preferences in order, where the first two are daylight ahead of the rest:

    - Norman has the most potential of them all, plays left, is a big strong bloke for the position, is left footed, besides having a pretty good running and kicking game. His attitude and current form could certainly be a concern however...
    - Munster has the advantage of partnering Slater, Cronk and Smith, is strong in defense and has an excellent running and passing game. Doesn't have much of a kicking game, but not a deal breaker with his mates in the team.
    - Hunt probably has the best running game of the contenders, but is used to playing on the same side as Cronk, has suspect defense and is down on form and confidence.
    - Morgan has Origin experience and is a big moments player. He's not really an half in my opinion though, and generally also plays on Cronk's side. Regardless, I'd prefer him as the utility in the team.
    - Taylor's attributes aren't really what we need, and he plays the same side as Cronk, putting him in the same basket as DCE, but he's young, likeable and will quite possibly feature largely in Qld's future. The only reason I'd put DCE ahead of him would be to avoid destroying his confidence by literally throwing him to the lions too early.
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  16. Alec

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    I dunno about this year, but I think we have to try DCE and Milford in the halves next year (provided Cronk retires too).
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  17. I too like Norman for the role...has developed nicely away from the Broncos but may be that he isn't the right fit on a oersonality level. Don't really know, he could be our future with Ash Taylor in say, 3 years time.
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    I feel like "playing on the same side" as someone shouldn't just rule you out of contention for an Origin jersey, that's something that can be worked on during the week leading up to Origin, it's obviously not ideal, but still..

    He isn't a team player?.. What on earth do you have to back that up? He has 11 try assists & 10 line-break assists this year, those aren't selfish numbers.. Just for comparison, Norman has 4 try assists & 2 line-break assists.. C'mon now..

    I'm also glad you brought up defence as a topic of conversation, are we discounting the fact that DCE has been in the top 1-2 halves in the NRL over the last few years for tackles made / missed tackle %? He's a great defender, arguably the best in the NRL for a 6/7.

    2017 -

    DCE - 307 tackles made, 27 missed
    Norman - 174 tackles made, 21 missed
    Morgan - 172 tackles made, 36 missed
    Munster - 192 tackles made, 32 missed

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