RUMOUR Dylan Napa - permission to leave


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Can someone please tell me how the **** the roosters still have cap space !!


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This is probably bullshit but I wouldn't be surprised if Napa and JWH were given a serve. They were full blown cats in their last game. I don't mind Napa and would be happy to sign the guy but not for 750k or what ever ridiculous amount the rorters are paying him. He's good for a decent shot or 2 every season but I haven't seen much else from him.
Not to say he doesn't have it in him, I'm sure Wayne could get him right.


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Wayne almost always gets the most out of his props. Napa could reach his potential here. But Wayne doesn't sign them unless they are cheap.

johnny plath

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Can someone please tell me how the **** the roosters still have cap space !!
I get confused here. .i thought when a club releases a player they still pay his contract. ..didn't we have to pay for barba to leave. ..I'm sure i always here players being paid by previous clubs
From what I've seen and for the money they'd expect if their is one big middle forward to get (we don't need it but it'd be handy over the next year while our massive juniors develop a bit more)..

Walmsley....................Tagataese (would be a lot cheaper so purely as a bargain/mentor + size for 1-2 years max (31 years old I believe)).......


In this order, on this hierarchy of choices. Napa plays amazing then lives off of it for 6 months. Goes missing most big games (he held up ok in origin but nothing amazing, I thought Wallace was better-and I am not a massive Wallace fan)
And on another note... when are Queensland players going to learn, the roosters do not take care of their players! Particularly if they are Queenslanders for some reason (Kennedy, jnik, napa signed 2 months ago, Chris walker, hodges, Guerra punted, hannant).. a lot of them just left, but surely it's more then a coincidence now


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Napa was awesome in one game of Origin this year but was a wet pillow in the other two.

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