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    Anybody else buy the magazine?

    Well worth the purchase. Cool insight by Lockyer, some great articles, some exclusive, some from the RLW week alumni and it's decorated in some fantastic pictures.

    I don't usually buy RLW, but their special editions are always worth adding to the collection.
  1. dukey

    dukey NRL Player

    I've been eyeing it off. On one hand, it looks like a fantastic read. But I don't know if I have any more tears to shed.
  2. Broncoman

    Broncoman State of Origin Rep

    I would've loved to have read it but as a Broncos fan I'm to busy putting my head down and going for the premiership.
  3. Ari Gold

    Ari Gold Master Baiter

  4. Hamm.0

    Hamm.0 NRL Captain

    I like it. With that attitude to hard work you have, we are sure to be a threat come finals footy...
  5. OXY-351

    OXY-351 NRL Player

    Is that code for something?
  6. Anonymous person

    Anonymous person Banned User

    I got it, it's a fantastic bit of memorabilia. Highly recommended.
  7. Apparently they're missing profiles of Justin Hodges, Dave Taylor & (possibly) Ash Harrison.

    Seems a bit odd.
  8. Anonymous person

    Anonymous person Banned User

    im only about half way through so ill have a look tonight. very weird if they have missed them, seeing as though they have them for players like adam mogg and david stagg.

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