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    A few days?! Something wrong there. Might be different with MTL.

    You might be grabbing big mods like we use if you're not worrying about batteries.
  1. I was a smoker for about 17 years, the last two of which I tried various NRT to try and ditch the stinkies. Nothing really worked. About 12 months ago I got on to vaping through some guys at work, using a couple of really basic pens and VistaVapor juice. **** magic. The wife & kids were all very supportive until last bloody week the kids went to the Life Freaking Education Van at school and Healthy Freaking Harold told all the kids that vaping was as bad for you as smoking. **** rot. I understand the need to dissuade kids from taking up vaping or smoking but **** come on. Anyway, the kids are now pressuring me to stop vaping.

    I don't feel like I would run back to cigarettes, but I also don't feel ready to put down the vape just yet.
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  2. Educate them better. If they're in public, it's the norm that they're fed a lot of bullshit.
    If they're old enough, point them towards the Royal College of Physicians who did an actual study that consisted of more than 5 individuals and found that vaping is 90% less harmful than smoking cigarettes and is a legitimate quitting aid.

    Ideally, you don't want to be doing anything but as Soup has said above and you would no doubt know yourself @LockyersLeftBoot@LockyersLeftBoot, the difference you feel when you go from smoking to vaping is massive. Plus you don't stink.
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    Healthy Harold should shut the **** up.

    I'm sick of uneducated ramblings sponsored by the Liberal fucktard government omg vaping is so bad, nicotine is such a dangerous poison. Because they can't **** tax it, that's why.
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