Election 2010: What are you more afraid of?

Discussion in 'General Talk' started by Coxy, Dec 3, 2009.

    Judging by this:
    http://www.news.com.au/business/breakin ... 5806602912

    It seems the 2010 election will be a battle of fear.

    What does the Australian worker fear more? Workplace reform? Or a "massive tax on everything" that the ETS will amount to being?

    Get ready for a delightful election campaign full of ads of fear and despair...can't wait.
  1. WorkChoices is scarier, reminds me of Howard.

    I'm scared of NOTHING.
  2. Hehe, well clearly Labor's scared of people being scared of the Carbon Tax...so they're going to try and trump a tax with threats of "your employer could sack you and you will never see it coming!"
    Errrr that guy is the biggest loser in the world. Go back overseas ya little dick.
  3. [​IMG]
  4. I'm scared of spiders.
  5. You're gonna hate the Greens' "8 leg" policy then.
  6. Awesome argument [eusa_clap.gi

    Personally, I'm going to keep my fingers crossed for a Rudd Labor govt to be returned to power, but for the Senate to have far more Coalition, independent and Green members.

    More scrutiny of legislation & not allowing one party to push anything through, and we also won't have gays being burned at the stake by a religious nutjob like Abbott.

    I'll actually be voting for the Coalition on the Senate ticket. :shock:
  7. Just remember though, KRudd is against gay marriage too :P

    I agree with mick, whatever happens I hope whoever forms government faces scrutiny in the senate so that legislation is actually decent, not just partisan.
  8. forward_pass

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    I want to see a hung parliament, because I love school sausage sizzles I'd go back to vote a few times...
  9. I probably won't vote Labor this time, Rudd is a useless tit. Might even donkey vote is nobody convinces me they can do a decent job. Not that it will make a difference anyway.
  10. You never know, surely my Mario vote in the last State election could've gone somewhere if it had some backing.
  11. I won't vote Labor this time, no way. After their ridiculous censorship push, their still flawed games rating system, ETS that they might introduce and really haven't seen anything positive from them since they came in. Bring back John Howard :p Labor are as close to communism as you can get.

    I might vote some other party. I don't know much about politics.

    Why is that it's ALWAYS only liberal and labour that get government why are the other parties never really voted for in comparison to the two L's?
  12. Bwahaha. Hahahahahahahahahha. Ha. Ohhh mercy.

  13. Censorship - Agreed
    Rating System - Has been like it for years, can't blame them
    ETS - Coalition Blocked it until they come up with a better deal

    Fair enough not voting for them, but perhaps since you don't know anything about politics, a donkey vote might be appropriate?

    Also. Labor and Liberal hold the most seats of the political parties, hence they both fight to the death.

    PS. IT'S LABOR!!!
  14. I drew a massive dick on my voting slip last state election, ala Seth from Superbad. icon_thumbs_u They must have wondered why it was taking me so long to vote haha
  15. bob the Smasher

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    The rating system is all down to one dickhead anyway, it isn't party policy. I'm pretty sure once Atkinson in SA goes they will have a r rating put in.
  16. Big Kev is doing his best to be Obama's shadow isn't he?

    Firstly, Rudd was intending to be at Copenhagen for the final days of the conference - when Obama would be there.
    Obama announced he was going to the start of the conference as well - Rudd changed his plans and decided to do the same.
    Obama then changed his mind and decided to just go for the end again - and Rudd has done the same.

    And people bagged Howard for being up Bush's arse...
  17. They're politicians, and therefore all as bad as each other. Howard is a douche, Rudd is a douche, Abbott is a douche, Swann is a douche, Beazley is a fat douche... of course now the staunch supporters I have mentioned elsewhere will probably take great offense to me slagging off their precious little Johnny Howard, but he's still a douche.
    Of course they aren't all douchebags, and yes it was supposed to be a silly statement. Next time I'll try and remember to put some pokey tongue faces around the place so I don't piss anyone off.

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