-NEWS- Father fuels Mahoney's set against Broncos


QCup Player
Haha, yet another Broncos bashing media shitly written up, pathetic story.
fk im getting over these articles.
Is this clown trying to be C.Smith?

Hope the boys see this between now and tomorrow night.
The media just creating shit stories off their tv programs. Its just manufactured events. M Johns podcast finished the show with a what if the Crusher never folded, apparently Cam, Cooper and Slater would all have been there winning premierships. They were making a stupid argument again to further a stupid agenda.

It's a a stupid assumption with so many variables that its not worth talking about. If they did who would even know if their careers would have been so prolific. The Titans have been in SE QLD for just over a decade and who of any real note have they discovered.

The reality it is it takes time to get your scouting and development in place. Another Brisbane team would just be another local team mooching off Broncos scouting and development.

Melbs found those lads because they invest in scouting and work hard to get their own talent.

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