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Discussion in 'General Talk' started by Harry Sack, Jan 14, 2019.

    Off topic here, but I watched a youtube vid the other day where the guy who voiced Sam Fischer in the first couple couldn't confirm that there was another one in the pipeline. I believe he was sick and unable to do the voice for the last one? Anyway, cross your fingers lads....you never know
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    KG VI was so boss, in fact the whole King's Quest series was amazing. Played through the whole series again a few years ago and it all still holds up.
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    oh yeah, memories man.

    I had never finished Alex Kidd but my now wife that I met in my early 20's had played it for years and could never work out the ending. She had tried to work out all the combinations by writing them down and trying them over and over for years but could never finish it.

    I remember she was playing it one day and got to the final puzzle again and was like "I will never figure this out" and she is looking at the stone tablet think and I was like "oh this is a Japanese game yeah? try it in reverse because that's how they write. Boom!!!

    She was crazy happy, that was a good night.
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    **** yeah! I loved that game. Salvage!
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    The guy? That's Michael Ironside, a legend lol. Bad guy from Total Recall, plus lots of other great movies
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  5. That's him haha. Couldn't think of his name and couldn't be arsed googling.
  6. The first time I won Monopoly.
    I was 6.
    It was glorious.
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    Yeah, in Blacklist it was Eric Johnson doing the voice of Sam Fisher instead of Michael Ironside. It kind of ruined Blacklist a little bit for me because I couldn't get over the different voice.

    IIRC, the way Blacklist ended it was indicating that it wasn't quite over yet. There was always talk of another one being brought out and it was expected to be in 2018 but it just never happened. I haven't really done much research as to why but it wouldn't be the first time another title has been put on the back burner for a bit.

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