OFFICIAL Fletcher Baker signs on

Nice, be great to have some fresh bread.

Arrested Development Laughing GIF

Good to add some more depth with Palasia and Flegs moving on. Seems like a solid player.
Good pick up but would still love to get Riley Price. That’s Keenan undoubtedly replaced with the potential for him to grow into a Flegler quality player. Baker, Te Kura, Willison and hopefully Price will help pick up the slack of what those 2 are leaving behind over the coming years.

Is that his head photoshopped on to someone's body? Love that we totally ghost the Roosters.
Think he'll be sandwiched between Jensen and Willison in the depth chart?

Might be a good pickup if he's not on too much dough.

The Roosters might rye the day they let him go.

I'll see myself out.

FFS mate, your account is going to be toast after an admin sees this deplorable effort.
Crumbs!!! Is there a grain of truth that he has an outsider chance of earning a crust with us before the seasoned end? His low-carb diet has certainly meant he's no longer loafing around at training. I think this was spelt out to him and he's now on a roll.
After watching a bit of the fella the last few weeks, he really does look the baked goods. How dough you all reckon he'll go?
Didn't we cover this? Some of these jokes are feeling a bit stale.
Hopefully he scores 13 tries next year.

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