Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs. Manny Pacquiao

Discussion in 'Other Sports' started by Black Philip, Apr 27, 2015.

    One of the biggest fights in recent memory is this Sunday.

    Anyone else going to be watching? Who are you going for?

    I'm really hoping Pacquiao wins and he has a great shot at it but I think Mayweather is more likely to take it out.
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  1. Glad you posted this, I was going to make a thread myself.

    Firstly, does ANYONE here on BHQ actually like Mayweather ?
    Yes, his record is phenomenal and deserves respect, but the guys a complete tool. He seems to be a less radicalised version of Mundine.

    I'll be going for the boxer/politician/singer/actor Pacman, partially because I want to see Floyd finally get beaten, but also because I like what the Pac stands for. He's basically representing an entire country in the sport and he deserves something for that.

    Honestly though, I see Floyd winning this one. Really hope I'm wrong though.

    Edit: [MENTION=8780]Black Philip[/MENTION] just so you know and don't miss the fight, it's on this Sunday with the card starting at 11am from memory.
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  2. By Sunday all you gonna be singin'

    Manny Are You Okay?

    Are You Okay Manny?

    Floyd maybe a woman abusing piece of shit, but in the ring he's the best in the world at what he does.
    Currently. I'd still rather watch someone like Tyson back in the day then Floyd, but I guess that's largely due to their styles I guess.

    Are you going to be cheering Floyd on BP ?!
  3. Ali is the greatest of all time. Tyson was a phenomenon but didn't have the mental component and was lead astray by the wrong people.

    Team Money right here.

    He knocked out Captain Insano.

    Now he's going to take down Manny.

  4. I really cared about this bout 5 years ago. They are shadows of what they were and I probably won't even watch. I want Pac to win because I blame Floyd for the fight not happening when it should have.
  5. I meant in terms of watching the actual fight, Tyson was the ultimate. Ali had more skill than almost anyone, and I loved watching Dempsey slug it out.

    I haven't kept up to date with Floyd, is this his final fight ?
    I know he said he was planning on retirement soon, but surely if he loses he'll demand a rematch.
  6. Woah total brain fart from me! Cheers for the heads up buddy!

  7. Its rumoured that a rematch clause is in the contract.
  8. No worries mate, it'd be shit if you missed it!

    Wow, if there's a rematch if mayweather loses I'm sure the fight will be worth more than some countries.
  9. Pacman FTW
  10. mitch222

    mitch222 State of Origin Rep

    Hope Pacman wipes the smile of his face. This fight is 5 years too late and I reckon Mayweather waited him out to see pacman decline but I would love pacman to upset him and knock him the **** out. Mayweather is an arrogant tosser and the American version of mundine except he can box.
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  11. Renegade

    Renegade NRL Captain

    Mayweather will beat him.
  12. Bullshit it as that un-even
  13. Tera

    Tera NRL Player

    Boxing is a joke
  14. Floyd said it best, he did what he had to do to win the fight.

    Manny was the aggressor through out the fight, but Floyd just stuck with jabs all day and got him with some good counters that really mitigated Manny's power.

    I don't agree at all with the 118-110, that was ridiculous but the right man won that fight.
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  15. vertigo

    vertigo NRL Captain

    Mayweather's defence and counter does enough, Manny swinging away at cover defence may look good but it doesn't score.
  16. Perfectly said.
    118-110 is absolute shit. Mayweather was by far the more boring of the two, but he did what he needed I guess.
    I still hate the piece of human trash
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  17. Tera

    Tera NRL Player

    While Mayweather is the top of boxing the sport is dead. Its an absolute snooze fest.

    Bring on Aldo vs. McGregor!
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    Yeah I've got no time for the man myself but as somebody who grew up realising that great villains make for good entertainment I can appreciate his value.

    Also get where Tera is coming from.

    That's common across a lot of sports really. Take Chelsea as example or even the Dragons in the NRL. Not exactly enterprising play, but just smart.

    Good for the die hards but not for the casuals.

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