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Discussion in 'General Talk' started by Super Freak, Nov 10, 2015.

    Would any external HDD be compatible with the Xbox One?

    I hear conflicting reports on google. You would imagine as long as it can take an external HDD that it would be compatible. But when looking up which ones work the best I'm hearing there are only certain HDD's that would work.

    Running out of storage pretty fast.
  1. Also, **** JB for thinking a 2TB HDD, even one specifically designed for the Xbox One is worth $149.

    That's double the price of what I would pay for a standard 2TB HDD.
  2. Any old USB HDD will work. I've not used a cheap one on them before, but I have a WD USB3 one and it's fine.

    Edit: You gotta get the Xbox to format it for you too. Can't remember where but you tell it that it's for games not files.
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    Do the treasure maps/hunts. You get a ton of gold and can buy absolutely everything you need.
    Also find the White Arabian horse, it's the fastest horse in the game you can get in chapter 2 onwards just uhh... Don't die with your horse because if you lose it, there is no replacement that respawns.
  3. Any HDD will work on an Xbox one as long as it is USB3.
  4. Alec

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    I don't even think you need to hunt for treasure, unless you want money early. You'll be swimming in it from the story missions eventually, and nothing to really spend it on.
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  5. Considering buying The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition.

    Never played a Skyrim game before. What's it like? Is it a good story? Is that the latest version? It's on special for $30 on the Xbox store and from what I can gather that's the remastered version with all the DLC thrown in so looks like a decent deal.
  6. Somebody can go more in-depth but the Elder Scrolls series was one of the first open-world games in the industry. The games are known for being very innovative looking to push the boundaries even though it can come at the cost for skimping little details like combat and story. Both are there and they're fine but by no means series leading. On top of that since the games are so grand in size there's usually a ton of bugs which by now I'd imagine wouldn't be such a big deal.

    For $30 it's a decent gamble. If you love it, you've got hundreds of hours of gameplay ahead of you and one of the all-time classics. On the other, it's $30 and you can at least have an opinion on one of the biggest games in the industry.

    I'm in a similar position in that I just bought Divinity Original Sin 2 off the Steam sales and I'm keen to see just how truly open that game is.
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  7. Sold. 4 hours left on the sale, so I've went ahead and purchased. For $30 I really can't go wrong, I've always wanted to play it but couldn't justify the usual $60. Can't wait to get stuck in, 32GB download here I come.
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  8. If you enjoy story based games like The Walking Dead, The Wolf Among Us, etc Life Is Strange is $5 right now on the Xbox sale (expires at 8PM I think). I played it a year or two back and it's a damn incredible game.

    Episode 1 is free on Steam but at $5 you can't go wrong with a buy now play someday approach. Perfect couch game too, I'd rather play it on Xbox.
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    Original Sin isn't open world, each chapter is a separate large area. Fantastic games though. I liked 2 better than 1, though it does have a couple of faults.

    Also a big fan of the original Divine Divinity and Divinity 2 - they are more Diablo like, but had really entertaining and funny scripts, much better than the Original Sin games (but worse gameplay too).
  10. Bad phrasing, I meant that it's a lot less linear than the RPGs I'm used to. I'm looking forward to it, the last RPG I played was Baldur's Gate 2 and I was far too young to understand what was going on.
  11. Foordy


    I would also strongly recommend spending the time hunting to get the "Legend of the East" satchel in RDR2

    I kept running out of room until I got this satchel ... It gives you room for 99 of every item
  12. Just looked up the requirements and I can't ever see that happening on my console.
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    I ended up getting it while waiting for the camp bug to be fixed. Was a pain in the ass for sure. Though youtube helped a lot with a couple of animals.
  14. The more you play Red Dead Redemption 2, the more you realize why it received it's R18+ rating.

    Just how graphic it can be, especially when you can skin animals. No other game has shown the actual skinning.

    There was a time such a game would have been banned in Australia. I'm glad Australia had got with the times and allowed R rated games in Australia.
  15. The skinning is a PITA. Takes too long. If you stop your horse over the carcass it will skip the animation.
  16. Not sure if I should tell my brother's wife about this.

    My brother had to come back from Taiwan earlier than his wife and at first he was okay with that but lately it's been very clear he's been struggling with not having her around. I've lost my Xbox. He is on it all **** day because it apparently distracts him, this isn't even an exaggeration, he is on it from the moment he wakes to the moment he goes to sleep. The only time I ever get to play it is when he goes to bed which is about 1:30 am.

    Tried talking to him about it, it hasn't helped.

    His wife isn't due back until Feb 20 and she has no idea how he has been spending his time off work because my brother knows she would be furious with him. So I've been contemplating ratting him out so I can get my **** Xbox back.
  17. Tell him to rub one out and enjoy his time off.
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    Does he realise how much porn he is missing out on?
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