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Discussion in 'General Talk' started by Super Freak, Nov 10, 2015.

    EB Games is the biggest rip-off for gamers in Australia. Everything is marked up so they can run 24/7 specials, which are usually still more expensive than like, everywhere else, including B&M JB Hi-Fi.

    Anyway. My post wasn't so much a "Catch > going to buy games from game shop" ot was more a "Catch is underrated cause they sell everything for cheap and yay".
  1. broncos4life

    broncos4life International Rep

    I have no issues with Catch and have used it and will continue to use it, I just love EB whether it is logical or not.
  2. Those who use the rip off merchants never pay ticket price though right? Please tell me you make them price match so you're only being charged the actual price?
  3. broncos4life

    broncos4life International Rep

    If I am buying a new game then yeah I do, tbh I mostly be pre-owned games from there when they are crazy cheap.
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  4. I usually buy their pre-owned or on special. If it's within $10-$15 I'll buy from EB. Honestly, I don't mind paying a premium, it keeps local people employed and it keeps a business model I like running. Online is cool and all but EB is convenient and I'll pay the premium for that usually.
  5. Everyone is skipping the point I'm making. They're overpriced even compared to JB-HiFi across the road. Everything. I mean, sure, second hand, we gotta go to EB or LameTraders, but new stuff, I know you're not paying more at EB than JB across the way, you're one of the most frugal fuckers I know!!
  6. Foordy


    The only time I pay the ticketed price for new games at EB is in the rare occasions they are the same price as JB hi-fi, big W etc.

    Otherwise I price match and buy from EB
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  7. Nah I do sometimes. I could have got a better deal on the One X for example but with trade in, getting one in 5 minutes I was happy to pay a premium. I'm always on the hunt for a deal but I don't mind paying more for things I enjoy. I happily give money into League of Legends all the time because I love the game and the developers so I want to support them.

    I've never put a dollar into a mobile games app because they're all disgusting scams but I'll regularly donate to good productivity apps and always pay for the pro version of apps I like. Just depends what it is. I'm not going to pay $99 for a game at EB that is $69 elsewhere, but if it's $10 more sure. I don't have a JB close, EB is literally 2 minutes away and I don't even have to get on a main road. That's convenient. $10 or a 30 minute round trip? I'll pay the $10.
  8. But price match.
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  9. Does anyone remember the old gaming store in Queen St that used to exist around the mid-90s? I can barely remember anything other than it being opposite the Myer Centre, being a relatively decent size shop and just stacks of big box PC games. It's been that long ago, I'm not sure if I'm suffering from a case of the Mandela Effect or anything else.

    I'm EB Games' worst customer. If I'm around a shopping centre, I'll give their store a look but I rarely if ever buy anything. The last thing I bought from EB was Shenmue I & II and it only because it was so obscure, at best I'd be saving $5 by ordering off ozgamestore or wherever else. Otherwise, I rarely buy anything above $30 from them and will gladly give my money to franchises like JB Hi Fi, Target or Big W if they're the companies setting the low price point. For starters, I'd rather give my business offering the price point, but also I can't be bothered going through the ringamaroll to get a price match. I've heard too many horror stories and the staff for the most part, have enough BS to deal with.

    In this specific instance, I would just order it off catch, amazon, gamesmen, ozgameshop etc. If it's an older release, I feel I've waited long enough, a few extra days aren't going to kill me and I know it will be there waiting for me when I get home. There isn't that inconvience of going to a store, only to realise everyone else has beaten you to the deal.

    So why even browse EB Games at all? Usually it's just to kill time, but sometimes they'll have something on sale that captures my attention. Whether's it's a steelcase collectors edition on sale, game guides etc. Stuff I wouldn't necessarily think to look for, but there it is for under $20, it looks sweet and will provide me with an evening's worth of entertainment. And every now and then their half-yearly/Christmas sales actually have a few bargains, but we're usually talking obscure games and not AAA releases that most go for. In those cases, I find Big W usually has the best deals around Xmas.

    Finally, as terrible as I am towards EB Games, I appreciate their existence. Before they came along, I'd have to rely on places like Tandy, Dick Smith and Harvey Norman and they rarely pulled through. One store that I miss was the Mr. Toys Gaming Store in the Myer Centre. That used to be a real treat to visit, one floor below the cinemas (or Tops Arcade, pending on which era) it was almost done up like a jewellery store with glass cases filled to the brim with N64, Saturn, PS1 games that were usually 10-20% off the RRP. The store was always filled with merch you'd rarely see and I'd always discover a few games I had never even heard of. I can't remember when they closed, I presume late 00s when you couldn't sneeze without running into a gaming store.
  10. Too much effort man. Usually if I'm Price matching I'll just go to who has the better deal. I'm not going to price match $30 games to save $10. Usually I just go in and buy. Can't be bothered researching. Big ticket items sure you can price match but bundles are almost always exclusive per store so price match doesn't work anyway.
  11. But.... price match.

    With consoles who sets the pricing? Is it EB or the Manufacturer? EB has always been the cheapest for me and consoles, I think all of my XBs except the very first 360 was from them.
  12. soup

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    I remember that one, but can’t remember the name. I shopped there and the music shop downstairs. I think there was a KFC if you took the escalator down.

    I used to work at GameXpress at Indooroopilly when I first moved to Brisbane in 1997. Those were the days! Lara Croft model strutting through the store all day on the release of Tomb Raider. I was very distracted that day at work.
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  13. Honestly couldn't tell you. All I know is the bundles are almost always different for each shop. It's their smartarse way to get out of price matching. Similar to how Bunnings will get manufacturers to give them variants with a different model number so they can avoid price matching too.

    Only time I see the same bundles if if MS sells it directly but the price has always been equivalent, so I'd say they don't want to undercut their resellers.
  14. Has anyone seen the video going around on Facebook which previews the fatal kills in the new Mortal Kombat game?

    Talk about violent..

    One of Sub Zero’s kills. He rips out the spine and impales the head on a spear. The **** already dead but decides it’s not enough to just rip out the spine.

    I’ll share the video when I’m home.
  15. Morkel


    My brother-in-law has whatever the most recent one is. There are some special moves in it where like you break ribs, sever spines, eject vital organs etc... but because they don't take off enough damage to "kill" the person, they just get up and can keep fighting as normal. Seems a bit silly even for MK.
  16. MK has just gone beyond ridiculous these days IMO.
  17. It's been that way for years. In '97, Midway introduced a mechanic where you could break your opponents bones, altering their appearance for the rest of the fight. You could break your opponents neck and they'd just fight on.

    I barely touched MK9, but from what I understand it's come a long way since the earlier 3D games.

    The less said about the spin-offs the better.
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  18. Alec

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    That sounds like Mortal Kombat, they've always had brutal fatalities.
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