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Discussion in 'General Talk' started by Super Freak, Nov 10, 2015.

    It looks like they started including new characters in the games?

    I haven't played Mortal Kombat in a very very long time so I'm not sure if all of these characters have been there all along. I don't recall some of these ever being in the movies.
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    That looks good great tbh.
  2. Morkel


    Awesome fun!
  3. Only two new characters according to the Wiki. I didn't know Skarlet nor Cassie Cage were apart of the roster. Cassie was in the most recent one, Skarlet was a DLC character from IX. Skarlet is actually a fun tribute to an old MK2 rumour based around a 'Red' Kitana.

    One of the best aspects of the MK franchise is how Boon and the gang rewarded fan speculation. Characters like Ermac and Blaze came to be because fans were so curious, Midway decided to include them into the lore.

    If you guys find the time, I'd highly recommend the 616 retrospective on the series. He covers all the games leading up to 10 and it's a fantastic love letter for the series.
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    I remember seeing this at a friends house when I was in school, he had it on VHS or DVD or something for some reason. All I seem to remember is Johnny Cage dying in like the first 5 minutes.

    The original movie was a **** classic though, possibly the best video game based movie...certainly the most fun. Cary Hiroyuki Tagawa was one of the best villain actors in the 90s.
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  5. I enjoyed the first a lot myself too, the second I couldn't believe it even got to the cinemas, like they said in the video it feels like one of those straight to dvd movie releases you would get out of a bargain bin and it's pretty bad when your special effects are getting compared to Hercules and Xena and they are the winners lol
  6. Just finished Watch Dogs 2.

    For some reason I always feel a sadness when the last mission comes up and I finish it.

    It’s like, what the **** am I going to do now?
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  7. It looks like EB Games are offering Far Cry: New Dawn Superbloom edition for $1 if you trade in any 2 Xbox One, PS4 or Switch games.

    Over 700 eligible games you can trade, but I can’t find the list.
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  8. The one that's not even out?
    Dammit traded all my games last week I think. Don't know what I have left. Must see. Any idea when the offer is valid till?
  9. Yeah the one that comes out on the 15th Feb.

    It doesn’t say when it’s valid till. Just says limited time offer and see staff for details.

    I imagine you would have to give them a call.

    It looks like the games traded must have a minimum trade value of $10 each.
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  10. I’m going to trade in Ghost Recon Wildlands and Watch Dogs 2.

    Both of those should be eligible.
  11. Went down to EB Games and decided to buy the Ezio trilogy of Assassin's Creed.

    Assassin's Creed 2, Brotherhood and Revelations. I forgot just how good those games were.
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    If anyone's after Fallout 76 HN have it for $25 until the 6/2
  13. To be fair, it's probably not worth $25 either.
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    True, but you could probably walk into EB and trade it in for more or use it in 2 for 1 deals, maybe. . .
  15. Just about to finish Origins.

    The fact that you have to use Aya just ruined the game for me. She’s only level 35 and her weapons are **** shit. She doesn’t even have a shield.

    I spent all that time building Bayek up to level 40 and upgrading my weapons in preparation for the end of the game and you have to use **** Aya.

  16. Has anyone got the DLC's for Origins?

    I might buy them if they are any good, but if they are only going to be a couple of missions then not really worth the money.
  17. Assassin’s Creed Odyssey. Brilliant game.

    The map is so huge and the game takes a long time to complete. I loved that. I liked the addition of the setting where you set it so the enemy everywhere stays around the same level as you when you increase your level. There are also a fuckload of side missions which I really enjoyed.

    I really enjoyed that your choices can have significant consequences but I would like more of that.

    I liked the spear of Leonidas but I would like to see the dual hidden blades brought back.

    There are several things I did not like that I think they need to address for the next title.

    1. It’s buggy as hell. I was walking through a village and people were floating up in the sky. It looked like the rapture was happening.

    2. You don’t get a shield. Seriously? Their reasoning was that you are a mercenary, but then they give other mercenaries shields?

    3. The bow is pretty much useless as a stealth option without the special abilities and the range on it isn’t that good. One of my favourite things in Origins was the long range bow which was quite effective.

    4. I would also like for them to include the ability to customise the gear you’re wearing where you can change the colour of it.

    That’s all I can think of at the moment. I’m sure there are more I haven’t thought of.
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  18. Foordy


    you can actually do that, to a degree.

    any of the equipped armour/clothes that you are using can be customized to look like any of the other pieces of armour/clothes that you have previously acquired.

    i was a big fan of the game

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