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Discussion in 'General Talk' started by Super Freak, Nov 10, 2015.

    You have to stick with the colour they give you, though.

    I would like to be able to change the colours and even create whole outfits.
  1. Nice review, Freaky.

    I find out tomorrow whether my N64 has bitten the dust. I couldn't get it to power on the other day, so I ordered a new power adaptor. I'll find out whether it's that or if I'll have to fork out more for a replacement.

    I just want to play some Mario Kart 64, man.
  2. Alec

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    Don't forget to blow into the cartridge like crazy
    They did science recently which discovered that it's actually worse for the cartridge, as the saliva eventually damages it!
  3. Allo

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    On Assassin's Creed, they're putting a remaster of 3 out at the end of March. I think it got unwarranted hate, probably because it happened to follow 2. I'll definitely be getting it
  4. When cleaning game cartridges try using methylated spirits/isopropyl alcohol and Q-Tips on the cartridge contacts, works a treat just let it dry before trying to play it afterwards.
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  5. Dash

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    Can't wait to stand around while documents are being signed, in 4K!
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  6. No old school cartridge blowing for me - I've got a flash cart for that sweet NTSC experience.
  7. Do all consoles play both PAL and NTSC?

    Edit: All N64 consoles*
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  8. Only with a flash cart, or a converter.

    Certain TVs can't display NTSC properly either. I'm not sure how it would go with modern TVs with an AV-HDMI converter, but I had mixed results with my old TVs.

    Playing through these old games again, it's amazing what we were willing to put up with. Generally speaking, NTSC games are 20% faster than their PAL equivalents.
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  9. Alec

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    PAL games used to run at 5/6th of the framerate of NTSC games if I remember correctly. Dunno how we could play 4 player + 8 bots split screen Perfect Dark in the past. It must have been like a slideshow.
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  10. We paid more for less as well.

    The States had more games, that ran better, all at cheaper prices. Why anyone would collect PAL games is beyond me, especially for cartridge based systems.
  11. I've yet to play an AC game that I haven't enjoyed. Consider me a fanboy. I'll be buying that.
  12. I felt it was a struggle to finish TBH. I just didn't find the story and setting as engaging as the Ezio timeline.

    That said, yeah the hate it received was unwarranted IMO. Was the first title to introduce ships I believe. It suffered from following 2 as Allo said which for mine is the best of the ones I've played.
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  13. I didn't play 1 or 2 or 3, I think I started with AC Black Flag so it'll be a totally new game for me. I wish more companies would get into remastering, so many good classic games out there from the X360/PS3 era that are awesome games but just look awful on modern hardware.
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  14. Agreed. Have given serious thought to grabbing the remastered Resident Evil 2. They did an amazing job by the looks. Still waiting for part 2 of Black Mesa though......
  15. It's coming out this year.
  16. I want to believe.....but I've been hurt before.
  17. Howzat

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    I'm still waiting for Assassin's Kinect, the trailer was awesome ;-D
    Another dislike from Odyssey that I want them to address for the next title because they have gone away from this quite a bit.

    The tombs. How boring.

    There is zero surprise, zero challenge and most of all, zero sense of discovery and satisfaction. Most of them are quite short and generic. At least in Origins there was some variety and you would often find documents with additional trivia. Bayek would also at least offer some dialogue instead of your character in Odyssey staying completely silent the entire time.

    The chests were filled with worthless loot. No trivia, no interesting history pieces, nothing. This part of the game was not only dumbed down, but stripped to the bare minimum and it just made you wonder why bother? The only reason I did them was for the skill point. If they didn't offer that, they would be a complete waste of time.

    Tombs would often have traps in them to stop people from getting to what’s in them. But they don’t put that into the game to make them more interesting and challenging.

    I remember in the Ezio trilogy you would get huge rooms full of mechanics, climbing passages, riddles and sometimes enemies and they would end up collapsing and you would have to get out quickly. This is what they need to do for the next title. They need to bring some excitement into exploring tombs.
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