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Discussion in 'General Talk' started by Super Freak, Nov 10, 2015.

  1. Alec

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    My biggest problem with Odyssey, and why I got sick of it...and this also applies to any other level scaling game, is that level scaling just completely sucks the fun out of everything for me. Everything you find is matched to your level (or there abouts), all the enemies are matched to your level (or there abouts), the rewards are always generic and match to your level. Level up once, everything becomes worthless and then you find new generic things that match to your level. Not much point to exploration either...see that cave? In another game, there would be a cool unique weapon or armor. In these games, it's just something generic that matches to your level. There's no real progress other than arbitrarily increasing numbers with randomly generated items.

  2. Assassin's Creed Unity on sale at EB Games for $12. Even though Unity wasn't the best it's still well worth $12.

    Syndicate and Black Flag also on sale for $12, Rogue Remastered on sale for $19.

  3. See ya'll at Wario Stadium.

    Also @I bleed Maroon@I bleed Maroon what did you make of Kingdom Hearts 3?
    You managed to get it working?

    Mine didn’t end up working. It’s fried unfortunately.
  4. That's a pity, hopefully the N64 Classic can fill the void.

    I was shocked to see it power on. The only reason I took the gamble with the power adaptor is because I pulled it apart and couldn't see any obvious damage.

    It's a good thing I did, I wasn't looking forward to the riggermaroll of finding a replacement.
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    Pretty much exactly what you'd expect. Visually gorgeous, especially on PS4 Pro, gameplay is solid as hell if not a tad easy even on the hardest difficulty. The story however is typically complete muddled garbage that makes your eyes glaze over.
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    The lack of difficulty is one of the most common complaints I've heard. I'll probably be waiting for a complete/Final Mix version to come out before trying.
  7. The game is extremely unbalanced in the player's favour. You can win most battles by spamming x, but the game gives you six other abilities that obliterates enemies in short order. The Kingdom Hearts series was always simple, but one design choice I enjoyed about the original is how it rewarded exploration. You could still beat most boss fights with enough potions and ethers, but if you did a sidequest to learn a more powerful spell, or acquired better equips it usually made the fights more enjoyable.

    In KH3 they offer up cooking, photo orientated side-quests, mini-games etc. which are enjoyable but fairly worthless.

    Also the load times are unbearable. I was in the midst of completing all the cooking challenges with all the rare ingredients and having to constantly load and re-load the same save file over again would take minutes at a time.

    The other issue people have is the lack of SquareEnix characters, which isn't that big a deal to me. Yeah, it would have been a nice change of pace to explore Alexandria from Final Fantasy IX, but the antagonists in the game are so representative of Square that it was difficult to be upset. After KH2, it was nice that the Disney Worlds got to be the focus.

    My only knock is that the game is strangely paced out. It starts off with the game getting you up to speed and explaining all the character's motivations. You then explore the seven Disney Worlds, with cut-scenes reminding you about all this exciting stuff that will go down in the final world. 20 hours later, you finally arrive and within 3 hours of nothing but boss fights, it's all over. It felt like those three hours could have been spread out better in the 20 hours that proceeded - most of what happened there felt irrelevant with a few exceptions.
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    Feels like Square just makes mammoth budget misses these days. FFXV was a bit of a disaster before, KH3 doesn't sound a whole lot better. Last really good game they were involved with was Nier Automata off the top of my head.
  9. I wouldn't go that far, Kingdom Hearts 3 achieves what it set out to be. It's just the Kingdom Hearts series was never known for it's quality and once again there's problems with the latest entries.

    Dragon Quest XI was said to be very good.
  10. Alec

    Alec International Rep

    I thought 1 and 2 were quality. But maybe being an early-mid teen playing them because those stories less dumb.

    I forgot about DQ11 too, it was fun, though I dropped it for a bit. I should return to it.
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  11. Apex Legends, get on it.
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  12. The original suffers from janky mechanics. It seemed like Square weren't sure what they wanted to be, so they tried to make an Action RPG with Platformer elements. It worked for the most part, but there were moments where the camera and the control couldn't meet their design. They were also obsessed with mid-air and under-water combat which was inferior in every way to regular combat.

    The sequel suffers from lazy design. Square decided to put all their eggs into combat at the expense of world design and exploration. A lot of the rooms are just flat hallways, where there's little to do other than to spam x and occassionally press triangle. There were a bunch of small changes I didn't like, but the decision that really annoyed me was the back-tracking. If nothing else, KH1 did a good job of handling player progression, having to go back to the same levels all over again to play through another chapter was such a drag.

    Also I thought the story sucked in the second game. The first at least came across as a decent allegory for growing up. I'm still struggling to find the point the second game was trying to make. It just seemed like an excuse to have a bunch of really cool and stylistic fights.

    I still enjoy both games and have fond memories of the second one for obvious time related reasons (September 28, 2006 - what else happened around that time?) but I couldn't deny it had problems.
  13. Yeah excellent game. Shame we can't seem to kill a squad to save our lives though... @Nashy@Nashy as always is a master of distraction, and by distraction I mean a bullet magnet which means we get a warning before we die too. Not before we call the other guys some really nice words though.
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  14. It's all about being positive.
  15. I'll be what I want.
  16. Looking back at the timeline of Assassin's Creed, I would love to see the next one be based in China.

    So far we've had Ancient Greece, Middle East, America, Italy, England, France etc but none of the major titles have been in China.
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  17. Allo

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    I’m banking on Japan. Ninja Assassin (that was a ridiculous movie)
  18. Tera

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    You guys playing Apex on PC? If so add me - Teradeth
    I really enjoyed that movie.

    Japan would be good, as well. I would love for them to include the weapons he had in that movie.

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