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Discussion in 'General Talk' started by Super Freak, Nov 10, 2015.

  1. Foordy


    yeah, it is short...

    to me it has the feel of an expansion rather than a full game. I picked it up for $59 from EB (price matched).

    having said that, i still enjoyed it ... they made some decent changes that they need to build on in the next installment.

    The Saw launcher launcher was by far my favourite weapon ... that thing was a beast
  2. One thing I don't like about Red Dead Redemption 2, it's the honor system.

    I do like the idea of it, good deeds increases your honor while bad deeds decreases it. However, what they deem to be a bad deed is sometimes a little ridiculous.

    I went through Van Horn Trading Post. Some guy didn't like me, started punching into me which grabbed the attention of a few bystanders who joined in. Then suddenly they pull out pistols and start shooting and that's when all hell breaks loose and I have the entire town (30-40 men) trying to kill me.

    I defend myself, but because of that it lowers my honor for defending myself? That's ridiculous. You can lower your honor level quite significantly and very quickly walking through that town. All it takes is one guy to not like what you're doing and it's on.

    I also find it ridiculous that even when people start shooting you, you cannot defend yourself without having the cops chasing you down trying to kill you for murder. Since when aren't you allowed to defend yourself?
  3. Actually, while I'm on my rant I'm going to bag out Rockstar for not allowing us to visit the far south west part of the map as Arthur, as well.

    There was a glitch that allowed you to visit that part of the map as Arthur without the bounty hunters being on your ass and being automatically killed by an invisible sniper. All you had to do was do the Angelo Bronte mission where you kill those grave robbers, purposely get spotted by the police and finish off the mission and if you went on a certain road to visit that part of the map you could explore the area without worrying about any bounty hunters or being killed by the fuckwit ghost sniper. You could even do the stranger missions there however there were no dialogue lines for Arthur. When word got out about that, Rockstar patched it pretty quickly and now you're no longer able to.

    Like, what the ****? Who cares if we want to visit that part of the map early on? Just let us play the game how we want to play it. It's ridiculous that they have closed that off until the Epilogue part of the story.

    There is meant to be an Arabian horse that is apparently the best in the game on that part of the map and I wanted to finish off the Legendary Animals quest while as Arthur but nooo, Rockstar want to be **** and make you wait until the Epilogue.
  4. Foordy


    I picked up wwe 2k19 from EB games today for $39 ... I went in there fully intending to price match it, but it turned out to be cheaper than Big W or Jb Hi-fi.

    first time ive ever seen it cheaper in EB
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    I got Sekiro on day 1, played 2 and a half or so hours since yesterday. It seems considerably tougher than any other Souls game so far, for mini-Bosses at least (haven't fought any real bosses yet) you really have to approach it differently. Also doesn't seem quite as good as them either, and not because of difficulty. Still a lot of fun, even with dying. I'll see how it holds up over the next dozen or so hours, should at least hopefully get easier once I get the timing spot on.
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    Yeah, I've found these random clickbait sites always pretty useless haha.
    Haven't played the game tbh, but he seemed to make some good points. Whatculture don't usually do this sort of thing that I've seen.

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