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McSweeney with his second 100 of the shield season and of his shield career.
McSweeney with his second 100 of the shield season and of his shield career.

On the back of a duck too.

There’s something classy about the guy, hopefully he can get some consistency.
Harry Brook - I don't know how he will go against decent spin bowling but against pace, this kid is a freak. He motors along at like a run a ball at test level and is making runs for fun. He reminds me a lot of Steve Smith actually but once sides work him out, it will be interesting to see how he responds. For now though, he is great to watch.
Women's T20 World Cup final starting now with Australia vs hosts South Africa.

Aus batting first
Aussies win, they truly are an amazing side.
England forced NZ to follow on and they've done an India against Australia and scored a massive second innings, England might be in trouble here.
Freaking out over here. Anyone watch the end to NZ v England??? That has to be one of the best tests I've ever seen. Goodness me.
This WA team in the OD final is ridiculous, look at that batting line up!
Couple of interesting things about First Class cricket:

Shaun Marsh and Trent Copeland are retiring from first class cricket.

Kurtis Patterson has been dropped from the NSW team.
4 wickets for Tanveer on debut

The stumping delivery was a ripper

He was unfortunately injured most of last season but he has superstar written all over him. Such good control for a leggie.

Great to see the new look team do so well last night, the debutants all contributed something which was cool.

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