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Discussion in 'Tech Talk' started by Harry Sack, May 6, 2015.

    What Morkel said. Think of digital TV the way you did normal TV when it was first invented when you were in your 20's mate.

    You can however use Netflix, Stan and all those others. If you have Foxtel, you could get that in a second room to use that instead of lame FTA.
  1. There are ways, but they're more expensive than having a cable/FTA Coax connection extended to your bedroom.
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  2. By means of.....streaming?

    Hmm....I have foxtel going into 2 rooms now. Might look at that.

    Is fair to say that most of the current new model TVs, with a usb stick with media (movies) on it......plug n play?
    On the higher end brands, they will be. THe cheap brands may struggle with larger 1080 files, but generally you'll be fine. It's worth checking reviews on TVs too. We are looking at new ones at the moment, and it's amazing some of the things you don't think about when you read through them.
  3. Morkel


    Anyone know anything about home power storage, eg, like the Tesla Powerwalls?

    We've just about paid off our solar now which has made a decent different to our power bill, but because all of us work, the majority of our consumption happens at night time, which the solar doesn't help. We do generate a decent surplus during the day but the rebate cost is **** all, so it'll be far better if we can store that power for our own use later.

    Last time I looked this stuff up they'd just brought out the Powerwall 2, which was the same price but double the capacity of the original, but I hear now LG have entered the market with their own version.
  4. Does anyone have any 55"+ TV recommendations/experience?

    Looking for mainly picture quality over sound as have soundbars etc, and looking to upgrade from my Samsung.
    Budget is around $1500, I see Kogan has some steals but I'm hesitant as I've heard stories of their returns policy being a nightmare.

    If anyone knows what the hell the differences in quality are between UHD/4K/ULed/Oled are that'd be amazing. :ihatethosestormplayers:
  5. @Harry Sack@Harry Sack
  6. I walked into HN's a week or 2 back with every intention of buying a 55" TV. I was tossing up between some kind of Samsung or Hisense. The Hisense for $995 is a great buy, comes highly recommended. Then I saw the OLED TV's.......I had to leave HN's before I brought a $4000 television.

    At this point in time I'm holding out for the EOFY sales where I should be able to pick one up for around $1800. The LG 55" OLED was being sold for that price last year. It's currently $2295
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  7. Also, I have no real idea what any of the UHD/4K/QLED shit means sorry. My understanding is they're all fairly similar tech, OLED however is considerably different because it doesn't have a back light.
  8. Yeah I've been eyeing off the 55N7 (Apparently) but after seeing those OLED it was impossible to compare. Might have to wait it out as well unless I can get the guy at JB down to $850
  9. Personally, I am partial to Samsung QLED, also because they have all the licensed apps I want (PLEX in particular), but apart from that, Sony and LG have fantastic displays on them too. No idea about Hisense these days...

    My only other input would be to make sure any TV you buy has HDR.
  10. What other apps? You'd be hard stretched to find a TV that doesn't have a Plex app or access to Plex via other means.
  11. Other means that deliver 4K HDR image quality aren't cheap, and Samsung has by far the best Plex app out there (better than Android TV, WebOS or Sony's Opera TV IMO). Its other apps (Netflix, Foxtel, Spotify, etc...) are also very solid and stable in general.

    It just comes down to personal preference.
  12. Clintos

    Clintos NRL Captain

    I’m a big fan of the Panasonic’s. I have a Sony though. Price was too good for me to turn down. Helps when you have a JB mate who gets you cost price on some stuff.
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  13. After extensive research I discovered this HDR you speak of, and agreed.

    @Clintos@Clintos definitely helps.

    Going in tomorrow to try and secure a 4K Sony Bravia 55" for around $900 as I'm getting the guy to match and then beat videopro's deal of $992 + free delivery.
    Way better than their "special" price of $1200, wasn't too sure of Sony but seeing the quality in store took away those fears.

    I'll update with any progress I can make with this salesmen :dealwithit:
  14. My washing machine shit itself yesterday so I went into Harvey's today. Couldn't resist a little drool at the TV section. Good luck
  15. soup

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    I had little glance a couple of weeks ago when in Good Guys and the Sony richness of colour and depth of Black was stunning compared to all other brands. I’m normally all about Samsung with TV’s, but with no research and just looking at picture quality, nothing else came close. Good choice.
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  16. Morkel


    So I'm working with a 128gb SSD at home, which is fine for the OS and design stuff. However I'm running all my games off just a 2TB stocko.

    With SSD's becoming way more affordable, it looks like I can get a 480GB one for under $100 (Link). That would easily handle my modest library of games. So questions:

    * I think @Harry Sack@Harry Sack mentioned when I first got my computer that SSD's are a bit trickier to set up. Is that just for when you're setting it up as your primary drive with OS etc? I plan to just use this as an additional drive, not a replacement.

    * Despite comedic opinions around here, I'm familiar with computer hardware, I've swapped out hard drives, ram, GPU's, etc before. Is there anything different about SSD's that I need to know about?

    * I guess this depends on the actual system itself, but is there likely to be enough plugs (power and data) for me to plug this in? I only have the two physical drives currently, I don't think I've ever seen a system that can't handle at least 3 drives.

    * On the SSD itself, any brands or specs that I should avoid? Like obviously the one linked above is bargain basement, but is there likely to be a noticeable speed or quality increase that would make it viable to spend 30-50% more on one with the same capacity?
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  17. There's nothing to setup, just install it.
    Kingston SSD's are totally fine. Sure you can spend more, but I find the performance negligible from a decent SSD to a "great" SSD unless you're dealing with time sensitive applications, for gaming and regular Windows stuff, it's way better than good enough. There's no brands to avoid, they're all pretty good as long as you're buying locally.

    There should almost definitely be enough plugs, usually there's a minimum of 4 sata plugs.
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    Do it Morkel.

    The advice I got in the past couple of days though (from the same guy giving you advice above) was to hold off, as prices for them are indeed dropping. He's waiting on a decent price on 2TB, I'm waiting on 1TB.

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