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Discussion in 'Tech Talk' started by Harry Sack, May 6, 2015.

  1. Morkel


    I got a 1TB USB I can sell you for cheap.
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  2. I'm not interested unless it looks like a solid plastic bar of gold bullion.
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  3. Yeah, I really want to get a 2TB SSD and just ditch all the mechanical shit once and for all. I'm currently using around 1400GB since I've had to merge my work and home computer drives. Bloody work folder is 553GB. Stupid ISOs and iTunes ISPW files take a helluva lot of space.


    FYI @Morkel@Morkel Samsung 1TB was $199 last week on special, way better drive, cheaper per $ capacity than that Kingston you linked.

    I'm seriously expecting a 1TB to get close to $150 in the next few months, hopefully around the December specials. 2TB under $400 and I'll very likely buy in.
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  4. Morkel


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  5. Unlikely. Maybe I gave you advice because of the small capacity? As others have said, they're the same to set up. I'm picking up a 1TB Samsung from Umart in the coming days to throw in my Brother in laws Laptop......$219. I paid similar for a 256gb about a year ago.
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  6. He was probably running something silly like XP. SATA Drivers and I think SSDs needed a special thing.
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  7. BTW @Morkel@Morkel, I'm only grabbing that one for my brother in law because I have to. His laptop is freezing, being stupidly slow etc and needs a clean install. Figured we might as well do this now. If you can, take spwns advice and wait.
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  8. Morkel


    I'm in no rush, and I also don't have $100 to burn atm either.

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  9. soup

    soup State of Origin Rep

    What’s the best quality ‘sounding’ desktop microphone for your buck? I wanna get away with something under $50 if possible.

    The purpose is solely for Camtasia elearning recordings. My partner is a sound/music designer and composer, but isn’t up with cheap tech. Need it ASAP so umart could work, but JB or Hardly Normal type shops would work also. I wonder what Jaycar offers..?

    Mostly after your experience with different brands/models and how good the voice recording quality is for the price. Stuff to stay away from would be handy, too.

    I have a set of Sennheiser Momentum’s with inbuilt smartphone mic/controls. I have nothing to compare to, though.
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  10. I have a mate at work that talks about this type of stuff. His recommendations,,, off the top of his head while picking ginger in the rain in the middle of fukn nowhere!
    Audio Technica
    $40 online, no idea what stores would sell it, or what in-store price would be.
    He also said "this is an amateur, hobby mic only."
    For more professional type use, the best "low budget" mic is a...
    "Blue Yeti" (what the **** ever that is!)
    At around $200
    Hope this helps✌
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  11. I've got the Blue Yeti, it's very very good. Get it on special and there isn't too much better.

    Grab a pop filter, and if you want to go a level above that, grab a free standing desk mic stand.
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  12. Also what @ChewThePhatt@ChewThePhatt said The audio technica stuff is excellent, AT2020USBi rates well in a reasonable price range, but anything from them would be decent.
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  13. Hey bro✌
    As I said to my work mate...
    I don't have the first fukn clue as to what your saying or talking about!
    Soupy (& all the other technerds on BHQ) might though!
    I hope so✌
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  14. Thanks mate.
    @soup@soup .....
    Listen to him:campeon:
    Not me:gaydude:
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  15. soup

    soup State of Origin Rep

    Cheers guys!
  16. soup

    soup State of Origin Rep

    Is the AT2020USB+ what you are talking about? $249 at Hardly Normal’s -

    Or the standard AT2020USB for $148?

    Or another entirely?
  17. soup

    soup State of Origin Rep

    Forgot this post. Might look at the blue yeti with pop filter and stand, as you say. Anything else to be aware of? I’ll definitely get laid if I get this right ;)
  18. Either is fine, the + model has gain control and a jack for headphone (for audio loopback) which depending on what you use it for is pretty damn important.

    I'd go for a Blue Yeti USB (which has headphone and gain control) over the AT2020USB, but I'd probably choose the AT2020USB+ over the Blue Yeti.

    Whether it's worth the premium, I don't know, you're better off going microphone tests on YouTube as it's subjective. If the price is the same, I'd say the AT+ is objectively better, but if the Yeti is $100 or so cheaper (FWIW, I paid $106 delivered for mine) I just can't justify the added premium for a pretty minor sound quality bump.

    It's kind of like buying speakers though, it's pretty hard say definitely what is better once you're past the trash level gear as it's very preference based. I believe the AT gear has a more bassy sound, which for vocals would sound a little better.
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  19. soup

    soup State of Origin Rep

    Thanks mate.

    The problem is that my partner is a concert pianist, post graduate composer and pitch perfect, so I have a very difficult target market to please on the cheap. Happy to spend a bit more.

    Tell me what will make her happier and I’ll be forever in debt, lol!

    Totally understand that it’s subjective, but fidelity is fidelity.
    Recording music you probably don't want a USB microphone at all.

    The short answer is a Blue Yeti is probably more than good enough for all but the most fussy audiophiles.

    The AT+ is slightly better but IMO not worth the extra investment.

    If you wanted to a level higher, realistically you absolutely want an XLR microphone rather than a USB one which takes you to something like a Blue Yeti Pro and then you need an XLR interface which something like that is really good without spending a ton.

    The way I see it, for 99% of people, spending about $150 on a Blue Yeti is more than enough and you'd be thrilled with the results. To get a real step above that recording live music, you want what I listed above, but even then you'll probably only hear the difference on a really good sound system. Listening from average speakers, you likely can't discern the detail difference.
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