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Discussion in 'Tech Talk' started by Harry Sack, May 6, 2015.

  1. soup

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    Thanks mate, really appreciate it. Really!

    Blue Yeti it is ;)

    To my soul’s pain, she isn’t recording music atm. It’s what made me fall in love with her, but there’s a billion other reasons since.

    She just wants to sound professional recording (through Camtasia) video tutorials.

    I can see a viable business for me via the same path, but through design (I know, saturated), but I have an insider‘s knowledge for those don’t want to go to uni, yet want to compete with graduates.
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    So apparently my 4th gen ipad can't update anymore so I am looking for something similar, but preferably not Apple. Any recommendations for tablets that don't suck and run out of storage as quickly?
  3. ningnangnong

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    Android is where it's at fam.

    Just ask @soup@soup or @broncospwn@broncospwn about Xiaomi Mi Pads, or Chuwi also have some decent products in my experience.
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    Yeah man, Mi Pad 4. Just get it, for the price there's no competition really.
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  4. Samsung FTW.
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  5. soup

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    Cue the Barry White ;)

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  6. Does she love it?
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  7. soup

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    Oh... you meant the Blue Yeti... fark yeah!
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  8. Is it bigger than you thought? I was surprised by the size, it's about double the size I was expecting it to be.

    Haha. This post sounds terrible.
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  9. soup

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    We were both surprised tbh, it’s massive. The microphone was too, haha!

    But yeah, huge and heavy. Looking forward to doing some recording. Thanks for the recommendation mate.
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  10. Morkel


    Recording you say... ?

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  11. My nokia wireless charging pad kicked the bucket overnight. I got it for my Lumia 920 (in 2013, I think) so that really shows it's age.

    Any good wireless pads out there at the moment?
  12. QI is a standard, so they should all be pretty much the same except for the looks. I use a Samsung one, but it was free.
  13. Pretty much any brand name and 10 or 15W rating is what you want.

    Something like that will be good at a reasonable price. They usually won't come with their own charger, so you will need to use the one with your phone.!4114!AU!-1:rk:3:pf:0

    The Samsung one is awesome if you want to charge 2 at once and does come with the wall charger/cable kit as well.

    Any 10W charger will do the job though, only if you're fussy about getting "fast charge" to work on a Samsung phone do you need to be a bit more careful about what you're buying.
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  14. Looking to replace some parts in my computer.

    The two things I’m looking to replace are the motherboard and ram. Getting a lot of errors regarding the ram so my guess is they are on the way out. Currently working on confirming that.

    I know the processor, video card and HDD’s are still good.

    Looking for parts under $200 each. On a bit of a budget at the moment so if you’ve got parts under that you know are quite good than let me know.
  15. What CPU are you running, we need to know to pick a board.

    Have you done an actual memtest?
  16. Motherboard = whatever fits and has the required ports.
    RAM - Fast = good. Get 3200 speed.
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  17. Intel Core i7 LGA1156. One of the 1st gen ones.

    In the process of doing a memtest.
  18. 1st gen? Dude bin it.

    Get a new motherboard/cpu/ram combo, spend an extra $100 and you could probably easily get something 6th or 7th gen if you're going second hand. You can't re-use DDR3 RAM when you get a new desktop later.

    Without even looking too hard - That's a 7th gen i5 with a good motherboard. Add RAM and you've got a huge upgrade.
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    1st gen. @Porthoz@Porthoz friend would confirm you've probably blown your wafers or something ;-)

    But like spwn says, not viable repair. Should have kept the super computer your friend kept you.
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