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Discussion in 'Tech Talk' started by Harry Sack, May 6, 2015.

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    ^^^ fiber to the house. The modem sits right next to the nbn nox
    Because I'm a bit of a numpty with this for me more is better, so happy to suck up on price now for longevity
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  2. So you would be looking at an R7000 for the equivalent to a D7000 . You will only need a router, which will be cheaper than the modem / router you're looking at now.

    The equivelent for the one spwn is using is a R7800, but there are a few others in the range available now too if that's the brand you want to run with.
  3. Keep your modem, connect it to a good wireless router (via LAN cable).
    As @Nashy@Nashy said, the Nighthawk range from Netgear are excellent (speaking from experience), and should offer you a very good Wifi connection within a pretty good range, although that will largely depend on your house infrastructure.

    If possible, use a wired connection to your next device, which you can then use both as AP for wireless, and switch for wired connections. If you can't, use a wireless signal tool on your mobile to gauge your coverage (several good free ones available for Apple and Android phones), and find the best spot to place your Router and Extender(s).

    It's unlikely you will be able to extend the range to your shed wirelessly unless you use directional antennas. I would stick to a wired connection too here.

    Do not use multiple extenders in series wirelessly, that is asking for problems, but there is no problem if you do it via wired connections. Try to connect each extender directly to the router.

    P.S. Note that you can use the same SSID on all the devices, you don't have to use 3 different ones.
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    I personally bought the X4S Nighthawk which I think is another name for D7800

    That one anyway. I've never had range issues to begin with but I picked that up for $100 on the Facebook Marketplace, while I was looking there was at least another 5 Nighthawks in the $70 range. You can pick them up seriously cheap second hand so I kind of recommend that. If you're set on brand new, I'd go for the D7000 which is the most reasonably priced Nighthawk.

    Now if that's not good enough, there's three suggestions 1=great 3=does the job

    Get a licenced cabler out to install an Ethernet cable port behind your router and another one upstairs or close to centre of where you want connection upstairs
    On the other end you connect this

    And you're good to go. It's far better than a "wifi extender".

    2) Get a powerline kit

    This is a cheap way of bypassing getting a cabler out to install Ethernet wall plates. Basically it runs the Ethernet using your existing electrical lines. You can honestly find these for $10-$20 on gumtree, so many people got these given for free with Foxtel that a ton exist out there for dirty cheap. If you get that, you still hook that up to the access point in option 1.

    Same as the step 2, except this has a built in wifi repeater. I reckon step 2 can probably get you going for like $40 if you're happy to check out gumtree/facebook.

    Your choice what you think is suitable/within budget.
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    ^^^ Thank for info, i currently have a EoP but its just drops out a lot, which leads me to think its on its way out. This is the second EoP as first was replaced under warranty, so 2 in 4 years leads me to think there not that good. Might say the existing one when working works fine, just seems to be droping out more & have had to turn both units off at power point twice in last week.
    I realize running a cable would be best & perhaps i need to revisit that scenario, just no real easy way to conceal & i hate exposed conduit inside.
    Might upgrade the current modem to start with. As I'm self employed i could probably justify a bit of an office rehash & new equipment.
    Thanks for all the advice, its appreciated
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  5. EoP is very hit and miss. Your RCD will wreak havoc to it to if the powerpoints are on different circuits.

    I really wouldn't upgrade the modem, but get a really good WiFi router. You will probably get a great one for the price of a reasonable modem/router.
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  6. Just a note. You can't upgrade Cable and NBN Fiber modems. Cable and Fiber, you need to be looking in router land, not even thinking a modem exists.
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  7. Ok, so...
    My kids have convinced me that a 10inch tablet will enrich my life... :-?
    As I'm the (self confessed) ultimate tech weenie, I'd like some help please.

    The things I'll want to do on it...
    Google search
    Basic apps
    Simple pics & vids

    It don't gotta be the newest fastest flasho gizmo! Second hand is cool & cheep is the rule.

    Any advice would be appreciated.
    Got one to sell?

    Oh yeah, **** apple. It's gotta be android.
  8. Shits & giggles...

    I just said to my Son, "oh shit mate, I forgot to say it must have the WiFi connection thingy!"
    Nuff said
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    Can anyone recommend a decent soundbar set up?
  11. I'm impressed with my cheap little Yamaha. YAS107 I think it is. @broncospwn@broncospwn has the newer one (same price point).
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    My NAS threw up the second failed drive in a couple of months. They were from 2012, so I’ve done okay. Bought 4 Seagate Ironwolf 4GB NAS Drives today to replace the lot. Should have bought 5 but ****, $$$.

    Decided Uber to Umart was a better option than postage to Toowoomba. Actually worked out cheaper.

    Thank **** for 4+1
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  13. Yamaha's are really nice, I got the YAS208 I think which is the same actual sound bar plus a sub. I believe I paid $350 for it.
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  14. Bit of a long shot, but does anyone know where I could get an ASUS TP200S keyboard?

    Ebay are only showing US, which is fine, but if I could get it in Australia that would be better.
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    Ta lads. Picked up a YAS108B off of Amazon for $179.00 - should be here Monday.

    Harvey Norman and Officeworks had it for $195.00 up until the 13th, and I was spewing I missed out... then this deal popped up this morning. :D
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    Thanks @broncospwn@broncospwn & @Nashy@Nashy - got the soundbar up and running. Mint value for $179.00.

    Surprised how well the bass comes through!
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