NEWS Gillett awaits neck fracture clearance

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    Somehow I doubt playing a few matches 6 months ago is in any way significant to his fitness next season.
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  1. Caniffe


    Yeah, let’s death ride Gillett’s retirement as a foregone conclusion. I’m sure that’s the point of the article

    He’ll be back when he’s back. Until then, our brigade of forwards can get match experience. Win win imo
  2. Morepudding

    Morepudding QCup Player

    Well, to be fair he didn't think it was anything serious, and stopped playing the second he found out it was. I'm not questioning his commitment though, but i don't think you can really use him playing those few extra games as showing commitment. He said himself he thought it was just muscle tightness.
    It just goes to show the pain these players are willing to put themselves through. What Gillett tried to shrug off as a sore neck, was actually a broken neck.

    It was gutsy no matter what way anyone slices it.
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  3. Wolfie

    Wolfie State of Origin Rep


    I know he lost a hell of a lot of strength in his arm so i presume thats what the shoulder surgery is fixing up.
  4. **** yeah!
  5. I bleed Maroon

    I bleed Maroon State of Origin Rep

    That's gotta be the best case scenario possible. Now he just has to shake off the rust
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  6. JAHHW

    JAHHW QCup Player

    He’s gone rusty already?

    In 2018, why would they use anything less than medical grade stainless steel to put him back together...?
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  7. You needed to end that with ........"I'll show myself out"
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  8. JAHHW

    JAHHW QCup Player

    No way, I’m proud of my dad jokes!
  9. Before the injury I would put him equal best backrower in the game with Cordner. Say what you want about his drop in attack in recent years, but his defensive ability is incredible.

    I'd say that means at the start of the season;

    11. Glenn
    12. Gillett

    With Fifita the interchange back rower. Su'a will have to fight his way back into the 17.
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  11. Alec

    Alec International Rep

    They used to use plastic to avoid players being rusty, but then they just got injured again.
  12. Thelmus

    Thelmus QCup Player

    I think it would be advisable to ease him back into the team if round 1 will be his 1st game back. Surely it wouldn't hurt to have someone play long minutes at lock and save an interchange or 2 for him.
    Otherwise, play him off the bench and push Glenn to lock if fiffita/sua are doing well or sub them if not. I know he's an 80 minute player but he have
    to be a little wary, coming back from a broken neck and shoulder surgery.
    If boyd's hammy has taught us anything it's that doctors, nor the players they treat are perfecting judging recoveries from injury.
  13. [​IMG]
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  14. Foordy


    We'll have to be a bit patient with him IMO ... not only will he have some rust to get over, but it could take him a little time to get over any mental demons associated with having a fractured neck.

    but great news he will be back for round 1
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  15. Jedhead

    Jedhead NRL Player

    Wo-betide the first mongrel scum that tries to do a crusher on him. We've got Storm first up too.
  16. Sproj


    Yep, not the best opponent to respect someone with such a delicate injury, they’ll crush him first chance they get.

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