NEWS Hands off: NRL legend Gorden Tallis’ warning to poachers of Titans playmaker Ash Taylor

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    • February 8, 2017 5:00am
    • SIMON BRUNSDON@simonbrunsdon
    • Source: FOX SPORTS
    WAYNE Bennett is on the hunt for a playmaker, but Gorden Tallis has warned the super coach to keep his hands off Titans young gun Ash Taylor.

    Taylor’s incredible 2017 rookie season has made him one of the hottest properties in the NRL, although the Titans managed to stave off the first wave of poaching raids last year, tying him up until the end of next season.

    Brisbane are in the market for a No. 7 to replace Ben Hunt from 2018 onwards, with Hunt will moving south to play for St George Illawarra on a lucrative five-year deal next year.

    Broncos legends Justin Hodges and Corey Parker have both offered suggestions for a replacement. Hodges told the Broncos should lure young gun Brodie Croft north from Melbourne, while Parker says his former club needs to spend big to recruit an NRL-ready half.

    Taylor, a Broncos junior who turns 22 next month, would fit the bill described by Parker and Bennett last year said the door would stay open for Taylor to return to Red Hill.

    But Tallis says the talented halfback is going nowhere and will one day captain Gold Coast.

    “They can try but he’s contracted,” Tallis told

    “Brisbane had the opportunity but they picked Ben Hunt. It’s like an ex girlfriend, they’re an ex for a reason.

    “Brisbane are his ex club because they didn’t want to give him a crack, they thought someone else was better. Did they make the wrong decision? I don’t know, that’s for everybody else to say.

    “But the Titans have given him a home and you would like to think that he’s loyal to stay there.”

    Taylor was thrust into the Titans’ starting 17 last year when playmaker Kane Elgey went down injured during pre-season.

    He ended up playing 22 games and was awarded Dally M rookie of the year, leading the team to an unlikely finals appearance, after being widely tipped to collect the wooden spoon.

    Taylor has been touted for big things and Tallis says he has the attributes to lead Gold Coast long-term.

    “I spent a bit of time with Ash, I see him as the future captain of the club,” Tallis said.

    “I think if anybody is going to lead the Titans to a grand final it’s going to be him.”

    The Broncos, meanwhile, have plenty of options if they do decide to go to market for a halfback.

    Chad Townsend, Luke Brooks, Josh Reynolds, Shaun Johnson, Mitchell Pearce, Tyrone Roberts, Ata Hingano, Kieran Foran and Gareth Widdop headline the plethora of halves off contract in 2017.

    If they look in-house, Kodi Nikorima has been floated as a future halfback option for the club, while veteran Kiwi Benji Marshall could press his claims with a role in the team for the short term.

    Taylor will line up alongside Elgey and form one of the NRL’s more exciting young halves partnerships for 2017 and beyond.
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    If there was any more smoke they'd have to start sending firefighting choppers to water bomb Titans HQ.

    Loving it.
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    Yep, usually Gordie comes out firing when he knows something is up.
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    The Broncos are the type of ex players like to go back too Tallis ;).
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    I didn't want Ash back, but do now just to see the fool glowing red.....
  6. Gordon who?

    Lol piss off Tallis.
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    Don't give Gordie to much credit to think about Hodges, Boyd, Sims, Hannant, Langer, Dodds, etc just in the last 10-15 years. The guy only hears and seses what he wants to hear and see.
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    Please tell me the raging fool sign is still going to be making appearances this year
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    When did Tallis become so salty?
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    Raging Bull has become beef jerky
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    ever since Wayne left him on the bench with all the other condiments.
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    lol ok tallis, if you say so *pats on the head*
  13. Raging fool.
  14. Didn't Bennett release Taylor so he could play first grade elsewhere? He did a bloody good thing for the kids career, Tallis is just looking for a reason to hate on us.

    As for us signing Taylor, I think the commotion needs to go away. It can't be good for him. Whether or not he comes back to us will be entirely up to him, but if he does it probably won't be for 3 or 4 years.
  15. Indeed that is why Bennett said to leave, he was looking after Taylors longterm best interests. Where taylor wants to be longterm is his business, Gordy having another hissy fit doesnt help Taylor.
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    Houdini 'Tallis' just escaped out of the tool shed again, trying to be relevant.
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    Not that I don't love bashing Gorden(worst name ever), but what he is saying is right, we went with Hunt, we wouldn't even be talking about this if Hunt stayed (and then didn't play bad enough to warrant talk of a replacement). Some people here want Ash back now that we need a 7, and we may in fact get him back in a few years time. Who knows. But history will show, whether it was for Ash's benefit or not, we let him go.
  18. Fuck of Tallis - it's not like the Titans developed him, he is a bloody Bronco junior that can come home whenever he damn well chooses
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    Not true. Many posters on here where saying replace Hunt with Taylor while Taylor was still here. I wasn't one of them but a lot of people wanted Taylor in the team.
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    What part wasn't true? Regardless of what BHQ wanted, the Broncos went with Hunt.
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