James Segeyaro..should the Broncos sign him?

Discussion in 'The Rumour Mill' started by NImitz, Jan 28, 2019.

  1. NImitz

    NImitz BRL Player

    By The Mole

    James Segeyaro is one of the most dangerous hookers out of dummy-half in the game - but his past off-field indiscretions could cost him his career in the NRL.
    Segeyaro remains unsigned for next season after being released by Cronulla and is fast running out of time to get a new club.
    The Eels, Knights and Bulldogs have all shown some interest in the speedy hooker, but dropped off.
    I’ve spoken to Segeyaro and he swears he is a changed man - and will listen to any offers that come his way.
    He’s the type of player who can win two or three games a year on his own, and that makes me think he’ll get a start somewhere before too long.
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  2. soup

    soup State of Origin Rep

    I’d take him in a heartbeat. He is the perfect compliment to Macca.
  3. Sproj


    Wouldn't even think twice and if he is desperate, offer him a base contract five minutes ago.
  4. Foordy


    Would absolutely sign him for the right price ...
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  5. Cult3

    Cult3 State of Origin Captain

    I don't remember a lot of his shenanigans being in the news. There's always been rumours and what not but I wonder how he has changed? What's been swept under the carpet?
  6. Tom

    Tom State of Origin Rep

    Give him a base contract if he is prepared to reveal who the stupid mole is.
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  7. Foordy


    I can tell you that, you don't need to sign a player to figure it out.

    The mole doesn't have a "secret" identity
  8. Has there even been anything reported on him? We've heard rumours he's a dickhead but as far as I know he's never actually been in trouble with the law or done anything particularly bad.

    Sign him tomorrow morning.
  9. broncos4life

    broncos4life International Rep

    ‘The Mole’ is Tony Adams, a failed reporter and genuine wanker, can I have a base contract now?
  10. I think I liked him better when he was just the mole
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  11. Wolfie

    Wolfie State of Origin Rep

    There would have to be a reason nobody will touch him.
  12. Tom

    Tom State of Origin Rep

    So why doesn't he just call himself Tony Adams? Why try to act all secretive?
  13. Jedhead

    Jedhead NRL Player

    Sign him on a one-strike policy. The first time he plays up his contract is void. If he's a changed man he'll be so keen to prove it.
  14. Allo

    Allo NRL Captain

    For his playing ability, sure. But something tells me he’s a Grade A fuckwit, why he fit in so well at the Sharks, and why Seibold probably wouldn’t sign him.

    Would he even get a run in Seibold’s system of 3 forwards + outside back cover?
  15. Lockysillegitimatechild

    Lockysillegitimatechild NRL Player

    Im thinking exactly the same. He is either asking way too much money (surely that time has ran out) or he's a toxic personality in a team. My guess is its a little of both but more from the 2nd option. Tbf, not knowing the guy that's based completely on the company he keeps, social media posts and whispers I've heard.

    Kind of off topic but it's actually a large reason I think the dragons will fail alot more then people think this year. Norman appears to have the same attitude, unless getting dumped by eels dented his ego. With the nrl being so close these days, the right attitude is by far the most important attribute for a team to have and one player can quickly change a teams attitude after a couple of losses...
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  16. I have always rated his ability like so many others. As regards his off field reputation I have an idea it's of a very serious nature and had people proceeded through official channels he may have been in deep trouble. No matter, I like the one strike, one year deal proposition but we probably don't really need him. I mean, Macca has all his ability plus is a great tackler:facepalm:
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  17. bronx89

    bronx89 NYC Player

    200k Max. His personality is toxic just like the egghead he hangs out with Norman. Insta storeys of them... thinking they are God’s gift.
  18. Marty Deutschmann

    Marty Deutschmann NRL Player

    Ala Hayne
  19. I bleed Maroon

    I bleed Maroon State of Origin Rep

    I'd take him on a couple hundred thousand just to keep Macca honest. I doubt the team would take the attitude of a bench hooker too seriously tbh, and if he did become a bit too much of a cockhead, Seibold can tell him to pull his head in or **** off back to player oblivion and have fun with Barba

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