Jharal Yow Yeh injury update thread

Discussion in 'Brisbane Broncos Talk' started by Jeba, Mar 27, 2012.

  1. Jeba

    Jeba International

    I'd imagine there's going to be heaps of updates over the next few weeks about Yow Yeh's injury and recovery, so thought having them all in one thread would make it easy for us to stay updated.

    Courier Mail said today that the doctor is confident his career isn't over. Expected to be in hospital for the next fortnight undergoing multiple operations to insert plates and pins.

    There was even a mention of the Broncos having a slight hope that Yow Yeh would be available for the finals. Not sure it's worth the risk to be honest. I'm not doctor obviously but if he misses the finals it gives him another 6 months recovery.
  2. Nashy


    Confidence will be a big factor in this I think.

    I heard today, it would be days before they could operate on the poor kid.
  3. Yeah, they had to clean the wound in Perth, close him up, and then wait to see the swelling go down and be sure there's no infection in it before opening him up and putting his bones back together. Poor fella.

    Been some nice tweets from teammates visiting him. Jordan Kahu posted a nice pic of him in hospital. Apparently he's in good spirits, so that's a good thing.
  4. Bucking Beads

    Bucking Beads International Captain

    I read in article that the Broncos still hold out slim hope that he could return at the end of the year. Personally I think that is not going to happen but I am no Doctor. I think he will most certainly face some mental hurdles on his comeback. It is the type of injury where a month of QLD cup would be needed before he could come back into first grade IMO.
  5. And look what happened to Scott Prince. He had a similar break, if anything not as bad, was out for a full 12 months and when he came back, 2nd game back in fact, he broke his leg again (not seriously).

    The longer you can give him the better. Agree with Jeba. Give him the full offseason to recover.
    All speculation at this stage anyway.
  6. Nashy


    I just can't believe how good he was when it happened. He was so calm in pointing out that he was in trouble. It was almost as if he didn't care about the pain or anything.
  7. Bucking Beads

    Bucking Beads International Captain

    Wasn't he looking at is saying Oh ****, oh ****?? He was pretty calm though. Hodges did a pretty good job of making him lay down and not look. I've never broken a bone so I couldn't begin to imagine the pain he was in.
  8. mrslong

    mrslong State of Origin Rep

    As long as Yowie avoids infection he could be back in a year I reckon. If the bone gets infected though it could be a whole lot longer, if ever. I guess we'd better hope he washed his socks.

    He went into complete Shock. the poor bloke went white as a ghost. It was one of those moments when you know you've hurt yourself bad, but it's not until you look at it that you realise how bad it is and you can't really comprehend what has happenned -- Just like the time when I was batting during softball my fingernail was completely ripped off in a failed attempt at bunting the ball........
  9. Nashy


    Very similar situation indeed!

    (Where the HELL is the pokey tongue face)
  10. Broncoman

    Broncoman State of Origin Rep

    He could be back for the finals.
  11. Ari Gold

    Ari Gold Master Baiter

    Really? Having read Jeba's post, there's no way in the world I would have known that.
  12. JaseC

    JaseC NYC Player

    I read somewhere he could make it back for the finals!
  13. Hey guys, I just read that the Broncos hold out a secret hope that Jharal may be back for the finals. You saw it here first!
  14. OXY-351

    OXY-351 NRL Player

    I'm pretty sure Karmichael Hunt suffered a similar injury duing the 1999 Acacia Ridge TeeBall Championships too
  15. Bucking Beads

    Bucking Beads International Captain

  16. mrslong

    mrslong State of Origin Rep

    I'm surprised there's no link about his brave recovery on his website!
  17. jarro65

    jarro65 State of Origin Rep

  18. Absolutely 1000% agree.
  19. Twiztid

    Twiztid NRL Player

    Looks like he still hasn't had surgery and needs a skin graft. From the Broncos website.

  20. broncospwn


    I'd be losing it if I had to stay in hospital for 11 days in a row, ouch.

    Good luck to him

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